Other Jesus Sources

Disclaimer: I can't vouch for the authenticity of any of the below sites or books. The goal of this website is merely to compile a (hopefully comprehensive) list of generally unaccepted sources (non-biblical) for information about or directly coming from Jesus. Whether you accept these lost scrolls, witness testimonies or channeled revelations is up to you.

A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles is a large book containing material channeled to a psychologist Helen Schucman from a source that identified itself as Jesus Christ. The book went on sale in 1976 and is very popular in 'new-age/spiritual' circles. The interesting thing about 'The Course' is it's somewhat eastern bent that seems to think things like matter and time aren't that important and instead focus heavily on human psychology as apparently this is the key to understanding reality. The Course does not dwell much on concepts (places/people/things/history) and as such with its repetitive structure designed to reorient how you think can make the text cumbersome to read although it does answer a lot of big questions. The references to historical Jesus are quite rare although biblical corrections and reference do appear from time to time.

Very few other sources are similar to The Course in Miracles with perhaps Christian Science being the closest IMO (a college to Helen and organizer of Course notes, Bill Thetford was raised by Christian Scientists and Helen's mom was a Christian Scientist as well).

Askrealjesus.com references to A Course in Miracles:

The Course in Miracles has had an interesting copyright war over whether the material is public or private. As it stands now it appears the courts have rules that much of it is public and you can read it at http://www.circleofa.org/course_miracles/ACourseInMiracles.php . An interesting list of article on the copyright wars can be found here: http://www.circleofa.org/indices/history.php .

The Circle of Atonement has an interesting article that dissects the history of The Course in Miracles and it's editorial changes.

Urtext (Edited out contents of A Course in Miracles)

Of the body of work channeled to Helen a large amount of it never made it to print. The argument from Ken Wapnik was that much of the material contained personal matters not appropriate for the public to view but this is not true. Unofficially this pre-censored version of the Course in Miracles was released both as buyable books and as being freely readable on online website (like this one which shows only the censored out material). The Urtext contains references to sex, psychological diseases, additional references to the bible, Bill Thatfords being gay, freud, possession and generally speaking about more conceptual relatable subjects in a more conversational convention. Supposedly a friend of Helen's received a channeled message that important material had been left out of the Course in Miracles (Helen was dead at this point) and that this friend needed to 'steal'/photocopy the original text out of the Library of Congress which was done much to chagrin of Ken Wapnik and resulted in a series of lawsuits. To this day not all of the original scribed material has been released to the public and is still under lock and key controlled by Ken Wapnik.

Absence from Felicity

Of the locked away original manuscripts scribed by Helen coming from Jesus a small percentage that was not revealed in the Urtext was revealed in Ken Wapnick's book Absence from Felicity. The ratio of Ken speak to Jesus speak is not very good as it appears Ken didn't want to put too much original dictations into this book so needed to pad it with his personal interruptions, comments, poetry, and stories. Of the Jesus conversations released though, they are pretty interesting. They include a much more chit-chatty jesus who helps Bill prepare for a big speech, cautions Helen on how she reacted to a situation getting a taxi, makes comments about Bill and Helen's past lives as Egyptians, chastises Helen for wasting time shopping and much more. It is interesting to note that most Jesus sources are kind of like this where at first Jesus is pretty chatty and talks readily of worldly matters. Then he appears to steer the conversations into more esoteric and less worldly angles by the time the book/channeling completes.

Love Without End

Written by a Art Professor Glenda Green, this book is about how Glenda had an idea to paint a portrait of Jesus and Jesus miraculously appears to pose for the painting. While doing his portrait she asked him all sort of questions of which he answered. She then put these answers and his portrait into the book Love Without End. This is one of the more relatable Jesus sources and makes for an easy read while covering advanced subjects (he goes into in depth physics near the end of the book). Would recommend this book to anybody interested. It is interesting to note that her portrait of Jesus matches other esoteric descriptions (tall reddish/brownish hair as described in Baird T. Spalding Life and 'Teaching of the Masters of the Far East.' Also interesting is that the askrealjesus.com Jesus (who shoots down a lot of his being channeled) seems to indicate Glenda's account is legit. If you are curious here a portrait of what Jesus looks like. She did other portraits including this one of Mary as well.

The Keys of Jeshua

This is the sequel to 'Love Without End' by Glenda Green. Basically it features missing tidbits that weren't included in the first book. Unfortunately it appears there isn't that much new additional material so much of this is just Glenda writing her own material. There is an additional third book "When Heaven Touches Earth" but I do not believe that contains any quotes from Jesus and this is only Brenda speaking.


This is a site run by Kim Michaels and contains channeled messages from Jesus (and on occasion other ascended masters) to Kim. The messages from this Jesus are quite unique... He readily addresses a lot of contemporary questions, takes user questions, talks about demons (few other Jesus sources do), and even addresses whether other channeled sources that purport to be from him are legit (he seems to shoot down most of them). The bulk of the material seems to be inline with the theosophy, I Am Movement, "Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East", "Bridge to Freedom" movement, and the Summit LIght House group. Specifically with how well they integrate with eastern ideas. This Jesus has a pretty similar message to the message of the Summit Light House Jesus which makes sense as Kim Michaels used to affiliated with this movement. This Jesus also comments on the Course in Miracles. Basically it says Helen due do her christian upbringing mistook the source as Jesus when in fact it was two other ascended masters who had worked with Helen in past lives (although it did say Jesus had a small role to play in the course).

The website used to have have a lot interesting information but has suffered from disastrous design changes in which the old Q&A with Jesus is no longer findable. Use Archive.org instead.

Kim Michael Series

Kim who is the author of askrealjesus.com has not put all of his channeled material on his website and instead put a good portion into book form. Much of this material is pretty good and again similar to the Summit Light House movement material. It seems to be aimed for more fundamentalist christians who might not be as open to spiritual or eastern ideas (such as reincarnation). A general rule is the older the book the better it is. Be careful if you buy these books as some don't include Jesus speaking (check the amazon reviews first).

His books include:

  • Master Keys to the Abundant Life
  • Save Yourself
  • The Inner Path of Light
  • The Secret Coming of Christ
  • I Am Thinking Christian
  • The Jesus Koans
  • Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom
  • Master Keys to Personal Christhood, Volume 1
  • Master Keys to Personal Wholeness
  • The Christ Is Born in You
  • I Love Jesus, I Hate Christianity
  • The Art of Non-War
  • The Least You Should Know About Life
  • Beyond Religious Conflict

Guy Ballard Series

Is a series of books by Guy and Edna Ballard describing Guy's incredible encounter with an ascended master Saint Germain near Mount Shasta in the 1930's. Saint Germain at first dazzles Guy with a number of feats of supernatural ability such as showing him his past lives, precipitating him food out of nothing, and more. Eventually Saint Germain settles down to give Guy Ballard instructions on how he and everybody can be an ascended master like Saint Germain. Much of the material was put into print (Guy the earlier books and Edna the later books) and formed a popular movement. The books (first 4 are widely considered the best) include:

  • Unveiled Mysteries (free to read online)
  • The Magic Presence
  • The I AM Discourses - volume 3
  • Ascended Master Instruction
  • "I AM" Adorations and Affirmations; "I AM" Decrees
  • Ascended Master Discourses - volume 6
  • Ascended Master Light
  • Volume 8
  • Volume 9
  • Volume 10
  • Volume 11
  • Volume 12
  • Beloved Saint Germain's Talks
  • Volume 14
  • The Ascended Masters Speak on Angels
  • Archangel Michael Speaks on the Angelic Host
  • Volume 17
  • "I AM" Discourses on America
  • The "I AM" Discourses on Supply
  • Volume 20
What does this have to do with Jesus? Well Saint Germain as is widely accepted in most spiritual circles as the reincarnation of Joseph father of Jesus. Saint Germain does invite Jesus to give teachings to Guy which does happen in either the 2nd or third book in the series. There is an odd reference to Jesus from time to time from Saint Germain as well such as a reference to him having issues with authority when he was young. The theme of the book is pretty similar to the movements of theosophy and Baird T. Spalding as far as subject matter goes, emphasis on reincarnation, and accounts of supernatural.

Man - His origin, History and Destiny

Written by Werner Schroeder this basically contains account of man's early history (the interesting stuff that you don't read about in text books). Among the accounts are those of Atlantis, how the survivors setup civilizations in Egypt and Greece, and lost accounts of Jesus's life. Werner Schroeder is a member of the Bridge to Freedom movement whose aim it was to propagate the teachings of Geraldine Innocente. Geraldine was a channel for El Morya an ascended master who was one of the three wise men in the bible and featured in the theosophy, I Am, and Summit Light House movements. I can't be certain as I haven't read all these books, but I believe a large number from http://www.ascendedmaster.org/summary/index.htm contain channeled information from Geraldine Innocente and therefore could contain additional esoteric informational nuggets regarding Jesus.

Additional books by (well compiled by) Werner Schroeder specifically that could contain esoteric nuggets about/from Jesus (I haven't read them):

  • "The Angelic Kingdom"
  • "Memoirs Of Beloved Jesus And Mother Mary"
  • "The Initiations Of The First Ray"
  • "The Initiations Of The Seventh Ray"
  • "Electrons, The Building Blocks Of The Universe And The Elemental Kingdom"
  • "21 Essential Lessons"
  • "Ascended Masters And Their Retreats" (not to be confused with the book by Mark and Elizabeth Prophet called "The Masters And Their Retreats")
  • "Mother Mary's Assistance Today"
  • "The Law Of Precipitation"

Journey Beyond Words

This is somewhat of a sequel to the Course in Miracles. Brent Haskell (already a Course in Miracles student) received instructions from a voice identifying itself as Jesus and wanting to clarify the Course in Miracles (specifically the workbook section). The language choice chosen by this Jesus is much easier to understand than with the Course in MIracles whose emphasis on traditional christian terminology (due to Helen's upbringing) can make this cumbersome to read for some people. As far as content, it's mostly about how your psychology shapes reality in a very literal sense. Not so much a concepts book (the Course in Miracle's minus the Urtext wasn't really either), but more of a philosophy/psychology/esoteric spiritual text.

The Other Voice: A Companion to the Text of "the Course" Chapters 1-15

The is the companion book to Journey Beyond Words also written by Brent Haskell. This book like Journey Beyond Words focuses on clarifying what the Course in Miracles meant in somewhat more plain english, but focuses mostly on the first 15 chapters.

Elizabeth and Mark Prophet Books

Elizabeth and Mark Prophet were founders of the Summit Light House movement which was somewhat of a sequel to the I Am movement started by Guy Ballard in the 30's. Basically both of these individuals would receive channeled messages from a number (quite a group actually) of ascended masters. Among the masters channeled was Jesus although he was not the primary source (if anything that would be El Morya). Some tidbits revealed included that Jesus was David from the old testament, and a high ranking leader in Atlantean society (during a time when Jesus had not yet ascended and was making spiritual mistakes). Some of this is detailed in "The Masters And Their Retreats". Combined these authors have written too many books too list, but I believe the ones most pertaining to esoteric glimpse into Jesus's reality would be "The Masters And Their Retreats", "The Lost Years of Jesus" and "The Lost Teachings of Jesus: Missing Texts Karma and Reincarnation ".

Jeshua The Personal Christ

Written by Judith Coates this is the first in a trilogy of books. The text appears to be mostly spiritual with some conceptual and personal tidbits. eg Jesus is asked if he ever reincarnated as a woman to which he explains he did. This Jesus like most of the others is simple and straight forward albeit more 'biblical' perhaps in his vocabulary.

A Course in Love

Written by Mari Perron this another channeled sequel to the Course in Miracles. The gist of this book is mostly spiritual/psychological/metaphysical with little conceptual information. This Jesus said that the Course in Miracles would not teach about love because it was too difficult to understand and instead concentrate on removing our fears. He then says with "A Course in Love" that this would try to explain what love is. This is the first book in a trilogy that is followed by "The Treatises of A Course of Love", and "The Dialogues of A Course of Love". The first book (the only one I've read) although lacking in the esoteric name/places/things that can make texts like this attractive is very well written and if one were to only read one of the Course in Miracle sequels (there are a few), this would be a good choice.

Embraced by the Light

Considered probably one the most popular near death experience books ever, this tells how Betty J. Eadie dies, sees the afterlife, get recuperated and lives to tell her experiences. She details a number of things including her experience with Jesus who helps explain to her how things work and why it would be a good idea for her to go back to her body (she doesn't want to) so she can let people know dying isn't so bad. This is mostly a NDE book with accounts of Betty's life as the Jesus accounts don't take up too many pages, but are interesting.

Return from Tomorrow

Tells of an american soldier George Ritchie in I believe 1940 who 'dies' of ammonia. It's another NDE book like Embraced by the Light, but what is interesting is that Jesus meets George and shows him some interesting things. He shows him a number of spirits who are tormented and trapped to this world and don't leave for the light when dying Usually they found something about Earth a little too attaching (like sex or alcohol) and end up getting stuck and miserable. Jesus also shows a scene in which navy personal are drinking heavily in a bar and either demons or ghosts are hanging around these individuals. One of the ghosts tries drinking but it just goes right through him. As soon the individual passes out an entity jumps into his body. Scary stuff as other non-jesus sources have indicated that drinking (among other activities can make you vulnerable to possession. So all in all perhaps a darker book than the others, but quite interesting.

Dialogue on Awakening

This appears to be another Course in MIracles sequel with questions and answers to Jesus from Tom Carpenter. I haven't read most of this book yet, but from what I've seen it is similar in theme to the other 'Course in Miracles sequels' in that it covers similar concepts but in a more understandable way. The Question/Answer format is very easy to follow.

Ultimate Journey

This is third in a trilogy of books by Robert Monroe describing his out of body experiences and his findings from them. As most of you know Robert Monroe was renown for trying to merge science with the paranormal and is most know for his study of out-of-body states. What does this have to do with Jesus? Well not much for the most part...however during one of his trips Robert Monroe pays a visit to what he believes is Jesus. Robert expresses surprise that he recognizes Jesus as an individual hang gliding with him earlier to which Jesus states roughly 'I like to get around'. Jesus also states something along the lines of planting new ideas and seeds like what Robert was doing with his book. All in all the encounter was brief and this Jesus somewhat enigmatic, but it has been included for the sake of completeness. Robert Monroe's first two book, I believe don't contain any reference to Jesus ('Far Journeys' and 'Journeys Out of the Body').

Cosmic Voyage

Written by the renown remove viewer Courtneh Brown, this concentrates on Courtneh's remote viewing sessions (physic site-seeing). Again, like 'Ultimate Journey' this is mostly not about Jesus, but one of the 'targets' courtneh visits is indeed Jesus and there is a brief description of that encounter. He describes him roughly as being extremely bright light (most other witnesses give similar descriptions) and very loving. It's been a while since I've read this and I it is possible that the Jesus encounter took place in the other book, 'Cosmic Explorers'.

Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East

Written by Baird T. Spalding, this is a 6 volume set that recounts the adventures of Spalding and his friends who traveled to India, Nepal, Tibet, and Mongolia in search of eastern truths. Spalding and travelers bump into a number of ascended masters who aid them on their search. The remarkable thing about this book is the number of miracles that happen... Food gets precipitated for dinner, the masters travel instantaneously to other locations, incredible healings (somebody gets brought back from death) and can apparently be in more than one location at a time. Of the encounters with the masters includes Buddha and Jesus (both of whom get along somewhat to the chagrin of some of the tibetan fundamentalists). A good portion of these books is the Master's explaining how things really work.

Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce was an individual who had the ability when in trance to answer almost any question a person could ask him. The subjects he covered were diverse and included health, spirituality, Atlantis, and science. He did answer questions about Jesus and stated a number of things such that Jesus went to India (a number of other sources on this page say the same thing), taught reincarnation and was the in fact the reincarnation of a number famous biblical teachers. What is interesting is a cross reference here... In 'Absence from Felicity' that Jesus states that he was the source behind Cayce's answers although Cayce did distort much of what he had to say. As for specific books, there are too many list...although to revise this, I did just find a book that nicely sums up Cayce's channelings of Jesus: Edgar Cayce's Story of Jesus. If you just google Edgar Cayce and Jesus you will also probably find what you are looking for.

Screwtape Letters

This does not feature Jesus...however it is included because the askrealjesus.com jesus when asked about demons, mentioned they do exist and that the Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis is a largely (although not complete) correct description of how they operate. This is pretty surprising to say the least... This is a very well written and entertaining read that can be read online. For being 'largely correct' and containing a number of advanced spiritual concepts (like the possession. of time) the possibility might exist that C.S. Lewis had non-conventional exoteric sources for this book. To this idea, the very first sentence makes a somewhat cryptic comment, "I HAVE no intention of explaining how the correspondence which I now offer to the public fell into my hands.". A sequel was published to this book called, "Screwtape Proposes a Toast".

The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ

Written in 1920 this account details missing bits from Jesus's life especially from India and Tibet. This has a Theosophical slant and can be read free online here. The jesus from askrealjesus.com does not recognize 'The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ' as a legit source.


The Christ Letters are a group of 9 modern documents miraculously found and reproduced online. The details range from early childhood tales (such as Jesus performing miracles as a little kid) to general spiritual advice. It should be noted that again the askrealjesus.com jesus (who gets asked about a number of Jesus channels/sources and refutes most of them) says this is actually legit. The letters are available in book form as "Christ Returns – Reveals Startling Truth" or free PDF's you can read at the main website: http://www.christsway.co.za/.

Elizabeth MacDonald Burrows

Elizabeth is an author, researcher and a mystic who has written a number of books directly or indirectly relating to Jesus. Basically she has had experiences in which she can and has conversed with higher beings. While Jesus does not make up the bulk of her channelings (as can be ascertained from her writings), he does meet with her on occasion. The gist of her message seems be a strong emphasis on the essene influence on Jesus and the early christians. She is definitely more spiritual than fundamentalist christians, however probably not on the same level as the Course in Miracles authors. One of whom, Jon Hammer actually meets with her to confirm that his experience with Jesus was legit, to which she affirms this is so. Her two probably primary Jesus books are "The Lost Jesus Scroll" and "Jesus, The Truth Story".

The former is a book that is basically a translation of a ancient essene document locked away by the vatican which details lost teachings of Jesus. The emphasis is a little different...we see Jesus talk about what foods to be eating, health matters, and more esoteric/philosophical matters than what is covered in the bible.

"Jesus, The True Story" is a basic chronology of Jesus's life compiled from Elizabeth's research into obscure and church rejected sources. This covers a lot of who/what/when/where and is not so much an emphasis on the teachings of Jesus. It does cover Jesus's lost years including his trip to India, his initial interest in Janism (then eventual disillusionment) and his trip to Nepal.

Marina Michaels

Marina is the author of http://thelighthouseonline.com which contains channelings from a number of sources on a number of topics. The readings are accessible, unfortunately (as near as I can tell) in audio format only. It's hard to get a read on how accurate these readings are... They certainly focus on more contemporary issues with a New Age slant (Atlantis, aliens, etc...) and not so much on spirituality and psychology like the other Jesus sources. Tough to say...you'll have to be your own judge. She has a nice background write up on her discovering channeling here which includes a bit from Jesus responding to a question about him and other sources fluctuating between we and I which was interesting.

Disappearance of the Universe

This is a popular book in which Gary Renard is supposedly visited by two ascended masters who share their wisdom with Gary who in turns puts their teachings into this book. Does this contain direct teachings from Jesus? No...but the bulk of the teachings Gary relays revolve around the Course in Miracles which is supposedly channeled from Jesus. Gary is also supposedly the reincarnation of the disciple Thomas.

Gary is also an extremely controversial figure in the Course in Miracles community as a number of people have raised evidence that Gary's communiques are not legit. Not only are the ascended master teachings extremely flip and somewhat crude but the language used is suspiciously similar to that of Ken Wapnik's (who Garry is a huge fan of) and a subsequent book Gary wrote about the Gospel of Thomas copies the real gospel of Thomas verbatim at times (Gary's version was supposed to be a product of revelation).

Articles questioning Gary's Authenticity:

Jeshua channelings

Channeled by a Dutch women named Pamela, these teachings are mostly 'new-ageish' which touch on subjects like Atlantis, aliens, reincardnation....and less so much on psychology like the other 'sources'. They do make for interesting reading. The bulk of the material appears to be free on the website jeshua.net . The author also put the channelings into a book called, "The Jeshua Channelings" which can be ordered on jeshua.net.

Shakuntala Modi

"Memories of God and Creation" again is one of those books that doesn't feature a message from Jesus...however...it is recommended from the askrealjesus.com Jesus. Basically, a psychologist using hypnosis regresses patients back in some cases all the way to their soul birth. By interviewing these subject, Shakuntala is able to piece together the puzzle of why things were created as they were.

The askrealjesus.com Jesus also recommends another book by Shakuntala Modi called 'Remarkable Healings' which is a very fascinating book. Shakuntala as a psychologist in attempting to heal people bumps into hypnosis and in turn stumbles into past life regression therapy and then in turn discovers the presences of darker demonic entities that have latched on to us in past lives and act as energetic parasites feeding off of our negative emotions and causing us all sorts of physical issues. Once the patients address/forgive their negative emotions (mostly from violent past life deaths) they experience remarkable and in some cases supernatural healings. Interesting stuff...


This website is about a individual who overdoses on painkillers and 'dies'. It is another NDE story with interesting tidbits about how things really work both here in this reality and the next. While not prominently featured, there is a section on Jesus in which the author describes his experiences with him. Not that many details are given here but this Jesus matches other Jesus's in that he seems to prefer to meet 'channels' in gardens, is described as funny and kind.

What Christian is doing is creating a book to be published but until that time is putting his current work in progress on his website. To view this online book go to http://www.allaboutchristian.com/spirituality/index.html (scroll past the purple stuff to the white stuff and turn down the volume on your speakers).

Jeshua Letters

This can probably be described as another 'Course in Miracles Sequel'. Basically Marc Hammer is a Washington resident who appears to be recovering from a tumultuous past and during meditation meets Jesus who gives him teachings that he later puts into book form. The amount of Jesus speak is somewhat limited in this book and it feels like the personal antidotes and adventures are filler to complete the book. However the teachings seem to be good and consistent with other Jesus sources, especially the Course in Miracles.


Apparently Marc Hammer (see above) didn't like his name and decided to change it for his latest spiritual messages and book. As 'Jayem' he has authored a number of additional texts including a 'Christ Mind Trilogy', 'Way of the Servant', Transcripts, and 'Cosmic Chocolate Orgasm'. Basically these include additional channeled messages from Jesus, which you can check these all out at his website here. Jayem does include on his website free channeled material which you can read here and here. The topics tend to be interesting and this Jesus does have a sense of humor (many of the channeled Jesus's do). Of the 'Course in Miracles' sequels, these might be among the 'shallowest' IMO but it is definitely an interesting read with interesting takes on issues other Jesus's don't address.

Beyond the Darkness

Another book recommended from the askrealjesus.com Jesus (when asked about suicide), this details the life of Aggie Kenmore who while being depressed tries to commit suicide. This is another NDE book and what's interesting is that Aggie ends up after dying in a place she describes not as hell but purgatory where she and other souls exist in a rather miserable condition. She changes her mindset and after a brief meeting with Jesus goes back to her body. This book is mostly about Aggie's troubled life and the NDE I think is just a couple of chapters. So again mostly not about Jesus, but included for the sake of being complete.

We, The Arcturians

Basically, "We, The Arcturians" is a channeled book from an alien race called the Arcturians who explain what they are and why they are involved with Earth. Basically, they state they are there help Earth transition into a higher dimension of existence or a new age which we apparently couldn't do on our own. They state that a 26,000 year window is opening up in which individuals may more easily make this jump. What does this have to do with Jesus? They say in this upcoming transition to Christ copiousness Jesus would make an appearance to all. The expand a little bit more on this, but there isn't too much on Jesus in this book. In this book, Jesus is referred to as Sananda in this book which does raise a red flag as the askrealjesus.com jesus is quite adamant, Sananda is not him. In the book, John the Baptists channels some wisdom but makes an interesting claim that he is Kuthumi which does not match other esoteric texts. You'll have to make up your own opinion...

How Jesus Became a Christ

By Miceal Ledwith (featured in 'What The BLEEP Do We Know!?'), this video goes info misconceptions most Christians have about Jesus and reveals hidden tidbits about the his ministry that most fundamentalist Christians are aware of (like his adventures in India). Miceal Ledwith uses his personal research (he used to be an assistant to the Pope) along with the channeled information of Ramtha (more on this later) to form the bulk of his conclusions.

The Urantia Book

Published in the early 20th century by a group of channelers in Chicago this large tome of text covers a number of subjects including cosmology, history, race, spirituality, and section on Jesus. The section on Jesus largely pertains to his life and does frequently contradict status quo christian beliefs. If you are interested, 'The Urantia Book' can be read online free here.

The Jeshua Herald

The Jeshua Herald was a website put together that would feature a number of popular Jesus channels (Tom Carpenter, Judith Coates, Jon Marc Hammer, and Brent Haskell). It's not clear but it appears that the goal of the website was to feature periodic messages from Jesus through the above channels. There aren't a whole lot of messages on the site and it appears the site exists in archive format only so it appears this is somewhat of a abandoned project, but the messages that did get relayed were well thought out and consistent with other spiritual sources. All in all, these messages have a 'Course in Miracles' slant. You can read them online here.


Ramtha is an entity channeled by JZ Knight who was supposedly an advanced being who lived in the ancient civilization of Lemuria. The advice given is generally 'new-agey' and does contain tidbits about Jesus such as this: The Miracles of Yeshua ben Joseph . You can probably find more of this material online by googling Ramtha Jesus. The Jesus from askrealjesus.com gets asked about Ramtha and in essence discounts her/him...

Banned Gospels

The emphasis on this site has/is on more modern sources of information on Jesus but it should be noted that there are a lot of ancient sources (or gospels) that contain information on Jesus but aren't widely known about in the christian community.

To start you have the 4 main gospels were were considered cannon by the early church:

  • Gospel of Mark
  • Gospel of Matthew
  • Gospel of Luke
  • Gospel of John

Then you have the rest of the gospels (accounts of Jesus) that the early church deemed unworthy of being in the bible (aka New Testament Apocrypha):

  • Acts of Andrew
  • Acts of Barnabas
  • Acts of John
  • Acts of Paul
  • Acts of Paul and Thecia
  • Acts of Peter
  • Acts of Peter and Andrew
  • Acts of Peter and Paul
  • Acts of Peter and the Twelve
  • Acts of Philip
  • Acts of Pilate
  • Acts of Polyxena
  • Acts of Rebecca
  • Acts of the Martyrs
  • Acts of Thomas
  • Acts of Xanthippe
  • Apocalypse of Paul (separate from the coptic Apocalypse of Paul)
  • Apocalypse of Peter (separate from the Gnostic Apocalypse of Peter)
  • Apocalypse of Pseudo-Methodius
  • Apocalypse of Stephen (aka Revelation of Stephen)
  • Apocalypse of Thomas (aka Revelation of Thomas)
  • Apocryphon of James (aka Secret Book of James)
  • Arabic Infancy Gospel
  • Ascent of Mount Carmel
  • Book of Enoch (actually more of Old Testament Apocrypha)
  • Book of Spells of Serpents
  • Book of Thomas the Contender
  • Books of Jeu
  • Christ in Islam
  • Coptic Gospel of the Egyptians (aka Greek Gospel of the Egyptians)
  • Cross Gospel
  • Dead Sea Scroll (More Old Testament)
  • Dialogue of the Savior
  • Diatessaron
  • Didache
  • Egerton Gospel
  • Epistula Apostolorum
  • Epistle of Barnabas
  • Epistle of Clement
  • Epistle of the Corinthians to Paul
  • Epistle of Ignatius to the Smyrnaeans
  • Epistle of Ignatius to the Trailians
  • Epistle of Polycarp to the Philippians
  • Epistle to Diognetus
  • Epistle to the Ionians
  • Epistle to the Laodiceans
  • Epistle to Seneca the Younger
  • Essene Gospels of Peace
  • Essene Holy Communions (more Old Testament)
  • Essence Study of Law and Virtua (More about Essenes than Jesus)
  • Fayyum Fragment
  • First Apocalypse of Paul (aka First Revelation of James)
  • Gospel of Andrew
  • Gospel of Apelles
  • Gospel of Bardesanes
  • Gospel of Barnabas
  • Gospel of Bartholomew
  • Gospel of Basilides
  • Gospel of Cerinthus
  • Gospel of Eve
  • Gospel of Gamaliel
  • Gospel of Hesychius
  • Gospel of Judas (aka Gospel of Juad Iscariot)
  • Gospel of Longinus
  • Gospel of Lucius
  • Gospel of Manes
  • Gospel of Mani
  • Gospel of Marcion
  • Gospel of Mary (aka Gospel of Mary Magdalene)
  • Gospel of Matthias
  • Gospel of Merinthus
  • Gospel of Nicodemus ("Acts of Pilate")
  • Gospel of Paul
  • Gospel of Peace
  • Gospel of Perfection
  • Gospel of Peter
  • Gospel of Philip
  • Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew
  • Gospel of Q (aka the "Q document")
  • Gospel of Scythianus
  • Gospel of Simonides
  • Gospel of Tatian
  • Gospel of Thaddaeus
  • Gospel of the Ebionites
  • Gospel of the Egyptians
  • Gospel of the Encratites
  • Gospel of the Four Heavenly Realms
  • Gospel of the Gnostics
  • Gospel of the Hebrews
  • Gospel of the Nativity of Mary
  • Gospel of the Nazoraeans (aka Gospel of the Holy Twelve)
  • Gospel of the Saviour (aka Unknown Berlin gospel)
  • Gospel of the Seventy
  • Gospel of the Twelve
  • Gospel of Thomas
  • Gospel of Truth
  • Gospel of Valentinus
  • Greek New Testament
  • Infancy Gospel of James
  • Infancy Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew (aka Birth of Mary and Infancy of the Savior)
  • Infancy Gospel of Thomas
  • History of Joseph the Carpenter
  • Kahlil Gibran
  • Kybalion (more Old Testament)
  • Life of John the Baptists
  • Memoria Apostolorum
  • Naassene Fragment
  • Nag Hammadi Library
  • Ophite Diagrams
  • Oxyrhynchus Gospels
  • Papyrus Egerton 2
  • Pistis Sophia
  • Preaching of Peter
  • Questions of Bartholomew
  • Resurrection of Jesus Christ
  • Second Apocalypse of James
  • Second Apocalypse of Paul
  • Second Treatise of the Great Seth
  • Secret Gospel of James
  • Secret Gospel of John (aka Apocryphon of John)
  • Secret Gospel of Mark
  • Sermon of Paul
  • Shepherd (or Pastor) of Hermas
  • Signs Gospel
  • Syriac Gospel of the Boyhood of our Lord Jesus
  • The Clementine Gospel
  • The Descent of Mary
  • The Falling asleep of the Mother of God
  • The Home Going of Mary
  • The Sophia of Jesus Christ
  • Third Epistle to the Corinthians
  • Third Epistle to the Thessalonians
  • Tree of Life (more Old Testament)
  • Trimorphic Protennoia
  • Wisdom of Solomon (more Old Testament)
  • ...and many more...

There are probably too many here to go into detail but if you are curious you can just google them and many are available free to read online. Pretty interesting that the Church rejected so many gospels...probably says more about the church than the gospels themselves.

Here are some additional lists of banned/lost christian sources that aren't popularly recognized:


This website has a nice collection researched works into the life and wisdom of Jesus. Among topics covered are the lost gospels, the Essenes, when was Jesus really born, what did he look like, etc... good stuff like this. It's mostly a large collection of unaccepted manuscripts(by typical christians) that shed a different light on Jesus. If you are more into historically researched material as opposed to channeled material this might be more of what you are looking for.

Ashtar Command

Ashtar command is a collection of channelings purportedly from advanced non-terrestrial beings who talk about a number of subjects including aliens, spirituality, earth changes (supposedly they are here to help humans transition into a new age), and even Jesus. They refer to Jesus as Sananda and as their leader. You can read a sample of their messages here. The Jesus from askrealjesus.com doesn't seem to consider this (nor the Sananda label) as legit.

The Fifth Gospel: From the Akashic Record

The book "The Fifth Gospel: From the Akashic Record" covers a range of subjects from Jesus's life including his childhood, temptations, his early contact with Buddha, his earlier involvement with the Essenes and eventual parting of ways, him being tempted by lucifer/darker forces, and interestingly enough his ability to spot common place demonic influence hidden amongst the people. The first five lectures are available free to read online at http://wn.rsarchive.org/Lectures/FifthGosFTS/FiGFTS_index.html . Don't know if there is anywhere online where all the lectures are free even though the copyright should have long expired. Besides the Fifth Gospel, Rudolf actually dictated a number of lectures on christianity/Jesus and many of these lectures have been compiled into a series of books.

The book was written by a late 19th century spiritualist Rudolf Steiner who had the ability to psychically read the akashic record (basically the universes record of everything that has happened and is accessible to entities tuning into the right vibration). Rudolf Steiner spoke and wrote about a large number of subjects including esoteric astronomy, early man, Atlantis, Lemuria, and in general interesting topics that interest new-agers. Much of the materials is somewhat similar in theme to the Theosophists movement at that time. As for personal contact from Jesus, this is not clear...he does describe a life changing christ experience that transforms his life, but what this entails and with what other entities is can't be certain.

Ann Ree Colton

Ann Ree Colton was a 19th century mystic who popularized a collection of spiritual beliefs that eventually became known as niscience. You can kind of think of her as a more understandable Helena Blavatsky. Her teachings were a nice bridge between christianity, spiritualism, and eastern beliefs. She wrote a number of books including 'The Jesus Story' which focuses on his life, his lost years, his time with the Essenes, his ministry, his miracles, and the topic of heaven & angels. Much of her teachings came from a spontaneous knowing that would come to her interestingly enough without needing to go into trance.

Khalil Gibran

Khalil Gibran was a Lebanese-American mystic who became very popular in the 60's (John Lennon even used poetry in his lyrics). Khalil Gibran is actually the third best selling poet of all time (after Shakespeare and Laozi). Of interest to this website is his mystical abilities and his interest in Jesus. He published a number of works (that can mostly be viewed free online here). He was very interested in christian beliefs and published the book 'Jesus the Son of Man'. This book can be read free in the previously provided link and is an interesting collection of short recollections from a variety of people (many you wouldn't know off hand) who knew Jesus.

The Impersonal Life

The Impersonal Life was written in the 1940's by Joseph Benner and contained his channelings from a 'higher source' which billed itself as the answer for those discouraged by not finding answers from other spiritual sources and spiritual leaders. It is very direct and very well written with a heavy emphasis on spiritual philosophy and little on more everyday concepts. What does this have to do with Jesus? Well, the source is somewhat described as anonymous...however in a completely unrelated and more modern channeled source 'Jeshua The Personal Christ', Judith Coates describes in her book Jesus stating he had communicated with a number of channels and that one of them was indeed the The Impersonal Life. From what little I have read, it appears to be very similar in theme to the 'Course in Miracles' and if you like that text, you'll probably like this text. This is not the only book in the series actually... The complete series consists of The Impersonal Life, The Way Out, The Brotherhood, The Way to the Kingdom. All of these books are free to read online from multiple sources. Here is one.

Mary Baker Eddy

Mary Baker Eddy was a 19th century woman whose interest in religion, christianity, and logic combined to create her popular book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures". Mary had this theory that what was espoused in the bible should have logical foundations (especially in the area of healing which Mary was purported to perform miracles). So in essence her goal was to give christianity a logical foundation which she did a good job of as conventional christianity is not very logical and is hard to make sense of how the big picture works. You can read Science and Health online for free here.

According to Elizabeth Prophet of the Summit Lighthouse movement (you can read about them above), Mary Baker Eddy was the reincarnation of Mary of Bethany. She supposedly was sponsored by Jesus in her Mary Baker Eddy reincarnation to inspire people to raise their copiousness According to Elizabeth Prophet, Mary Baker Eddy is an ascended master now and goes by the name Theosophia. If you are curious, you can google her new name to read about her latest messages from channelers. eg

Mary Baker Eddy's teachings (aka Christian Science) could perhaps in some way be argued to be somewhat of a precursor to the Course in Miracles, as both are very logical and straight to the point. Both purport that we get sick because we want to and in essence the key to health (and other seemingly physical problems) is changing your mental outlook. Many Course in Miracles students had read Science and Health prior to discovering the Course in Miracles, and Bill Thetford and Helen Schucman (creators of the Course in Miracles) had parents who were Christian scientists.


Channeled directly from Jesus, you can read the table of contents and the first chapter free here. Basically, Diandra in the early 80's had a serious accident that had her do some soul searching and in the process came in contact with an entity called Salem. Salem gives Diandra general spiritual advice and she learns to contact other entities (like angels) as well. As to whether this Salem entity and Jesus are the same, I couldn't figure this out (I haven't read the book though). The book definitely is written however as if it is directly from Jesus. Besides this book, Diandra writes occasional articles regarding her experiences with channeled entities (mostly with Salem) and a number can be read for free here.

James Padgett

James Padgett was an individual who around 1920 received a number of channeled messages from different entities (many famous biblical figures). Among them was Jesus. You can read many of these messages from Jesus online for free. This website has the first two volumes of the 'True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus' but not the other three...you can probably find them with some creative googling. Besides the 'True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus' volumes, James Padgett is an author of a number of different books containing channeled messages. This Jesus is fairly old school (probably a reflection James Padgett) and frankly doesn't seem super legit, as this Jesus quickly rejects reincarnation and doesn't really go into spiritual subjects and details like many of the above channels/sources do. Included for completeness though.

Toward the Light

Written in 1908 by Johanne Agerskov this is a channeled piece that goes into transcendental matters (mostly biblical related). That I can ascertain this mostly is not from Jesus (rather the entity Andor), but the book 'Toward the Light' does have a section that is purportedly from Jesus. You can read it online here. Personally, the channeling strikes me as inconsistent with the others and seems to be more clunky and fundamentalist in nature. In this text there is also a section supposedly from lucifer explaining how good and evil works. Could be the Danish to English translation... Their are other references to Jesus (where he came from and other tidbits) that you may find interesting. I did find the Q&A section the most interesting (Q&A sections with channeled entities do tend to be more interesting and informative in general then the lecture format we see so much of).


Another older more fundamentalist channeled work done by a 19th century dentist, Dr. John Ballou Newbrough, Oahspe is a large tome of text (supposedly largely channeled from angles) which describes how things work with an emphasis on biblical subjects. Have not read it, but you can for free here. The Jesus in this text doesn't get crucified, but stoned. He is generally labeled as somewhat more militant and seems to (if I'm understanding this correctly) labeled a drujan (a false god christians worship that is attached to worldly possessions)... Not sure why I'm including this...

George Adamski

George Adamski was a polish/american that lived during the early 20th century most noted for his claims about aliens. But before this became popular, he had studied in tibet and purportedly learned many esoteric secrets which he shared in 'Wisdom of the Masters of The Far East'. This is mostly concerning eastern wisdom, however there are sections which pertain to Jesus (although somewhat limited). One of the non-terrestrial entities George Adamski became acquainted with was called Orthon.

Since Geoge Adamski has passed on, other people have apparently channeled this helpful alien called Orthon. On this website orthon is described as being Jesus himself. Orthon/Jesus talks about a number subjects including spirituality, Mary Magdalen and his perspective on a number of biblical accounts. It makes for interesting reading and is definitely done differently than George Adamski's work. If anything it seems somewhat similar in theme to the Summit Lighthouse and Theosophical movement. Frankly this latter website seems to have nothing to do with George Adamski... Have to warn you the website Borup's Spiritual School contains a lot of annoying music/videos/large+frequent images.


During the 80's a group of individuals channeled an entity known as Ra that would answer a large number of their questions. This Ra entity had appeared during Egyptian times to help out the Egyptians but once priests starting distorting Ra's message to the public, Ra withdrew involvement. A number of subjects are included, such as the Orions, atlantis, mu, science, metaphysics, reincarnation, of course ancient egypt and lots more... This is a fairly straight to the point and succinct entity which can be refreshing. You can read these sessions in the five 'Law of One' Books (you can read them as PDF's free here) or browse their searchable categories here. As for the Jesus tie-in... Well Ra get's asked some questions about Jesus and there is a summation of the Jesus questions here. Not too substantial but there is an interesting account of how Jesus became angry during childhood and this resulted in fatally wounding a playmate. This incident supposedly was a catalyst for Jesus to do his soul searching and travels around the world during the lost years. Some of the New Testament apocryphal infancy gospels also paint a picture of a somewhat rougher Jesus during his early years.


One of the more popular channels during the 70's and 80's was Seth by Jane Roberts. Basically, Jane Robert's channels this entity called Seth who gives esoteric pieces of wisdom of how things work. He inevitably touches on Jesus which you can largely read here. Seth makes some interesting claims that the crucifixion of Jesus never happened, Apparently, some of the disciples (notably Judas) thought it would be good publicity for Jesus, would cause backlash to a 'rival' jewish sect, and would fulfill prophecies if the people felt he was crucified...so apparently a stranger gets drugged, believes he is the 'messiah' and he gets killed while most are none the wiser. Seth also makes the observation that John the Baptist, Jesus and Saul were part of a christ entity incarnated on earth (odd that Christ is referred to as an entity while in other sources it is more of a state of mind). The askrealjesus.com jesus doesn't put too much store in Seth and frankly neither do I.

Natalie Glasson

Natalie Glasson is a british medium who is unique for doing tranceless channeling. She channels a number of entities including Jesus. Most of her material appears to be released through newsletters (as near as I can tell) but there are free articles you can read online if you google her name plus Jesus. Here is a a sample. She covers some subjects that the Summit Lighthouse movement which makes me suspect (am not sure) she followed the Mark and Elizabeth Prophet. All in all, the teachings seem...somewhat vague and perhaps not on the same level as some of the other sources, although they appear to be generally in line with the other teachings.

Robert Theiss

Robert Theiss is midwestern artist who primarily channels the arch-angel Michael. However...he does on occasion channel Jesus (or Yeshua has Robert calls him which is probably most accurate). Robert Theiss did publish three books: "Riding a Stallion: Igniting the Fire", "Living Inside Your Passion", and "Straddling Your Freedom". I have not read them so they may be only Michael speaking. Believe this is his official website and here you can find a large number of free channeled sessions. Spiritlibrary.com probably has a more convenient selection of his readings which you can read here. This Jesus again seems mostly consistent with the others...somewhat vague on more material matters but a heavy emphasis on your personal christhood. This Jesus certainly seems to like to use exclamation marks... This Jesus also makes a reference to Sananda, which is a red flag according to the askrealjesus.com Jesus.

Paul Ferrini

Paul Ferrini was a Course in Miracles student who had dreams in which Jesus was teaching him things. From this, Paul Ferrini established contact and was able to channel a series of books: "Love Without Conditions", "Silence of the Heart", "Silence of the Heart", "Miracle of Love", "Return to the Garden", "I am the Door", "Reflections of the Christ Mind", "The Way of Peace", and "The Living Christ ". If you are curious you can read free excepts from the books here. There are also articles listed, but am not sure if those are Paul or Jesus speaking. Content wise, this is probably pretty similar to the other Course in Miracle sequels. Seems to share a similar message while being more readable and containing more relatable concepts than the course. Beyond the Christ Mind series, Paul Ferrini is actually an author of a large number spiritual books...whether they are from Paul or Jesus I can't be certain of.

Robert Shapiro

Robert Shapiro is a 'professional trance channel' for over 25 years who has channeled a number of entities. He has written a number of books which tend to focus on alternative human history, earth/planet history, aliens, and between life between states. His primary entity appears to be Zoosh (can't be 100% certain as I haven't read much of his material). Robert Shapiro did on at least one occasion channel Jesus and this session resulted in the book "The Explorer Race & Jesus". You can read the intro, first chapter and table of contents free here. This is a light read...this Jesus is pretty relaxed and talks about his experiences on earth and why he came to earth. "The Explorer Race & Jesus" is part of the Explorer Race series and if you are curious you can read more about them here.

Allan Kardec

Allan Kardec was a 19th century frenchman that founded the spiritism movement (not to be confused with the spiritualism movement). Anyway, he could talk to spirits and they had many interesting things to say. Allan put his work into 5 principal volumes, the third of which was about Jesus and was called, "The Gospel According to Spiritism" which you can read free here. Haven't read most of it...but it basically appears to be a a somewhat random selection of gospel texts with clarifications (from I assume anonymous spirits as I didn't see a reference to Jesus personally providing these clarifications). Most of it seemed like sage observations of gospel text albeit somewhat simplistic compared to probably other spiritual texts available and with a hint of fundamentalism. I actually found the first volume, "The Spirits' Book" to be much more readable and interesting (albeit lacking in our subject of Jesus with only a few references in this book). This text concentrates on what it means to be a spirit in an efficient Q&A format that actually reminds me a lot of popular hypno-regression-therapy books where patients talk about how reincarnation/soul evolution/death/spirit interaction and all that good stuff works.

Eva Pierrakos

Eva Pierrakos was an Austrian American psychiatrist who was able to channel an entity just simply known as 'the Guide'. Between 1957 to 1979, she and 'the Guide' would do a number of lectures and Q&A with audiences generally regarding spiritual matters. The bulk of this material appears to have found it's way into 6 books (the Pathwork Series) by Eva Pierrakos with perhaps 'The Pathwork of Self-Transformation' being the flagship book. I'm not sure you would need to buy the books though, as most of her lectures appear to be free at http://www.pathwork.org/lecturesObtaining.html . So where is the Jesus tie-in? Well the source is anonymous, however it is possible that the source was him and if other sources are to be believed, he has done anonymous communication before (like supposedly 'The Impersonal Life) and in fact may prefer this technique. Certainly the style of this entity is similar in some ways to other Jesus's. Regardless of the identity of 'the Guide', he/she does address the subject of Jesus. Here are three lecture with Jesus in the title that you may find interesting:

Don't know if this could be considered a 'root teaching' like perhaps some of the Course in Miracles books, but does seem interesting. It does talk about time not being real, duality being problematic, and reincarnation which is consistent with other 'sources'. In one section 'the Guide' advises on how to discern while channeling between God and lower entities which was interesting...

Diana Henderson

Diana Henderson is a healer/new ager/channel that North Carolina that channels a number of name-brand new-age entities (it appears Michael might be most prominent). She has put some of her channelings on her website that you can read for free. Included in these articles are ones from Jesus (scroll to the bottom of this page to read them). Honestly, I can't recommend these readings that much... They have that vague bad-new-age-stereotype quality that can hound certain channels and while the messages could be legit, I didn't feel that much new information was being communicated through them. Just my opinion...they may float your boat.

Christ In You

Christ in You is the first in a trilogy of channeled works from an anonymous entity to Mary Bruce Wallace in the early 20th century. She also authored, "The Thinning of the Veil", "Spiritual Reconstruction" and more but those three appear to be the primary ones (each link clicks to a free online read). The confusing thing is...'Christ in You' is also the title of a book by Professor James Jennings that is probably even more popular than Mary Bruce Wallace's (it's frequently grouped with the Impersonal Life Series) and it it also channeled from an anonymous entity...talk about confusing! Anyway...Christ in You is a nice simple spiritual read that appears to contain channeled esoteric truths from this mystery entity including tidbits on the ministry of Jesus.

Elsa Barker

Elsa Barker was a woman who did automatic writing around the time of WW1. Her primary piece was "Letters from a Living Dead Man" in which she writes about the experiences of a person who had just died and was communicating what life was like on the other side. Very fascinating read...although I suspect this person never got past the astral plane. Two sequels to this were also scribed by Elsa Barker which I haven't read yet. In "letters from a Living Dead Man" there actually isn't that much information about Jesus. There is are brief descriptions of him and once when the dead person (aka David P. Hatch ) goes to gaze at God he sees dazzling light and Jesus materializes between the two (with a lamb!).

Anthony Borgia

In the "Life After Death in the Unseen Worlds", Anthony Borgia channels a recently deceased Catholic Monsignor by the name of Robert Hugh Benson. Kind of like "Letters from a Living Dead Man", Robert describes what life is like after transitioning. The first book doesn't actually talk about Jesus that much... Anthony Borgia did also channel sequels from Robert Hugh Benson including "Life After Death in the Unseen Worlds 2", "Heaven and Earth" and "Facts". The last of which he does talk about Jesus but is somewhat simplistic lecturing. He talks about how the Church was wrong to oppose reincarnation and how baptism is a little overrated but I assume most readers will have already figured stuff like that out. Specifically pertaining to Jesus (there isn't that much) he talks about how he communicated with the spirit world during his ministry on Earth. His first person experiences in the earlier books were more interesting than his lectures in facts and if you are in to this type of thing would recommend Elsa Barker's work "Letters from a Living Dead Man" instead (all of which are free reads online...just follow the links).

Julian Teachings

Not super familiar with the material, but basically a woman by the name June K. Burke channels an entity/angel called Julian who describes how spiritual matters work (such as how angels have separate tasks/responsibilities). Here is their official website. Her tapes/transcripts don't appear to be free which is annoying but I can ascertain that she did do a section on the life of "The Master Teacher" and some others on his messages.

Dolores Cannon

Dolores Cannon is a hypno-regression-therapists and author perhaps best known for her work, "Conversations With Nostradamus". In one of her books however she regresses a patient 'Katie' back to life as an essene named Suddi who as a contemporary of Jesus at the time is able to make interesting observations about Jesus and essene life in general. Haven't read this book yet, but it does appear to be very interesting. You can read the table of contents and intro at amazon. Dolores Cannon also did a sequel to "Jesus and the Essenes: Fresh Insights into Christ's Ministry and the Dead Sea Scrolls" called "They Walked with Jesus: Past Life Experiences with Christ".

The Essenes: Children of the Light

Written by Stuart Wilson and Joanna Prentis this like "Jesus and The Essenes" is a book about hyno-regressed patients who discuss their past lives as essenes and what they knew about Jesus. Dolores Cannon (see above) actually knew the authors and encouraged them to go public with their findings. Stuart Wilson and Joanna Prentis also wrote "Power of the Magdalene" which talks about Mary Magdalene, female disciples, and Mary's relationship with Jesus. Follow the links to Amazon to read the table of contents and reviews.

The Starseed Transmissions

Ken Carey was a naturalist (dare I see luddite) that was living a simple life with some Amish in 1982 when he started to hear messages from spirits. A number of angels and ET's stopped by and in particular Jesus purportedly also visits with Ken Carey and the result is the book, "The Starseed Transmission" (although the Arch Angel Rafael I think accounts for the first half of the book while Jesus accounts for the second half). The message from Jesus is an appeal to wake-up spiritually. If you google " pdf book download starseedtransmissions" you can find this book online as a free PDF. Ken Carey has apparently written a number of other spiritual books which may or may not contain messages from or about Jesus...don't know as I haven't read them.

Saints Alive

Hilda Charlton was a dancer and spiritual student who studied in India with various Indian gurus. She moved back to New York and started a popular spiritual movement where she gave talks about her experiences and of these lectures a small number are compiled for the book, "Saints Alive" where she talks about various saints...but interestingly enough relates personal experiences with them. Jesus is included and you can read some of the conversations and meetings she had with him in the the first chapter which is free online.

Jesus, Teacher and Healer

Grace Cooke was a channel who first gained fame for channeling Arthur Conan Doyle in "Arthur Conan Doyle's Book of the Beyond "(he actually promised before he died to channel messages from the other side to describe what life was like there and apparently he succeeded). Following this, Grace Cooke channeled an entity called White Eagle who shared his spiritual wisdom with her and this got written down in a number of books. Specifically, White Eagle talks about Jesus in "Jesus, Teacher and Healer" which generally (haven't read it) seems to give sage advice on how to interpret Jesus's life and teachings. I don't think this source is at the same level as some of the other sources reviewed so far though. The table of contents and intro can be viewed at Amazon.

Yeshua - The Story of Christ

In 2004, a mystery person by the name of Bradly wrote about 40 pages worth of material channeled from Jesus (or Yeshua as he is more accurately called) onto a newsgroup. The material concentrates in a very interesting perspective, from Jesus, as he communicates first person his view of what transpired during his life. For instance he talks about growing up, his family, his travels, Judas, not feeling any pain on the cross, reincarnation and other interesting tidbits. Well written and free to download at mcuniverse.com.

Supplements to A Course in Miracles

After Helen Schucman scribed a Course in Miracles from Jesus, she actually continued to receive messages that she would later publish as two pamphlets. The first pamphlet was "Psychotherapy: Purpose, Process and Practice" which contained helpful information concerning Psychotherapy. The second pamphlet was called "The Song of Prayer" which discussed prayer, forgiveness, and healing. Neither pamphlet was very long...both were combined and published as "Supplements to a Course in Miracles". If you click the above links you can read these pamphlets free online.

Holy Spirit's Interpretation of the New Testament: A Course in Understanding and Acceptance

Regina Dawn Akers was a Course in Miracles student who after being inspired by a vision during meditation sat down at her keyboard and begin typing messages that came from an entity that described itself as:

"Teacher of God. That is my Name. I have other names, but they are
all the same. They mean Teacher of God. ".

Is that Jesus?? Don't know and it's not clear. However this entity does talk about Jesus...well specifically the new testament and what a number of those messages really meant. You can read the introduction and table of contents at Amazon.com.

The Journey That Never Was: a guide to hearing God's Voice regardless of one's faith, religion, or personal beliefs

This is another scribed book from Course in Miracle students (David Paul and Candace Doyle) in which Candice appears to receive messages from God or sometimes referred to as the Holy Spirit in the book. Would assume another entity would be involved as I doubt God has a personality that can chit-chat with humans. At any rate the material follows a general question and answer format with interesting topics and revelations themed somewhat along the lines of the Course in Miracles (which is supposed to be channeled from Jesus). Among the topics discussed include Jesus and references to the bible. Intro and table of contents can be read free at amazon.com. One reviewer made the interesting remark that the book seemed to be similar in message to the controversial Course in Miracles figure Ken Wapnik which could be a red flag...you'll have to judge for yourself. David Paul and Candace Doyle would a year later publish a very similarly structured/scribed book to "The Journey That Never Was" in "The Voice for Love: Accessing Your Inner Wisdom to Fulfill Your Life's Purpose".

Ours is the voice of God

Written by John Nagy, this is a book I know very little about. It is considered by many to be a scribed sequel to the Course in Miracles (which again supposedly came from Jesus) so it has been included. The amazon description says this:

Topics include, hearing God’s Voice directly, fear, guilt, sex, relationships, death, anxiety attacks, depression, conflict with others, making choices, money, and many others.

John Nagy authored another popular book called "Guiltless" which may also include scribed material in a Course in Miracles themed style, but am not sure as I can find very little information about this book.

The Mirror on Still Water

Scribed to Joel Wright from an entity that identifies itself as Jesus, "The Mirror on Still Water: A Journey to the Heart of Love" and its sequel "The Book ON...and Jesus Answers" contain largely contemporary questions that Jesus answers (they tend to be the same ones he usually answers from other sources: money, relationships, depression,etc...). Haven't read the books, but they do appear to be promising. Unfortunately can't find too much information on the web about Joel Wright or his books, so I can't comment too much here. Jesus does say that the Course in Miracles was more about undoing fear while Joel Wrights books perhaps more about applying spiritual principals. Here are some brief reviews of the books (best I could find :( ):

Simply Being: One Year with Spirit

Yet another Course in Miracles Student who would channel spiritual wisdom from a mystery entity (or holy spirit) into a book. Pamela Silberman appears to cover the same type of topics that the Course in Miracles which qualifies it for inclusion on the website, even though I see no evidence that her channel was Jesus or her book contained information on him. Intro and table of contents free to read at Amazon.

Forever One: Letters from God--You Are Perfect Love

Jerry Hirschfield is a French American engineer who after a number of trying events in his life discovered the Course in Miracles which appeared to really turn his life around. Very late one night he was contacted by what he described as God who suggested he write down what was coming to him. The writings would would form a series of letters which in turn formed the book, "Forever One: Letters from God--You are Perfect." The book is divided into 4 sections: Creation, Our True Being, Your Ego World, and Your Way Home. Haven't read the book but it appears to contain a diverse selection of topics ranging from Course in Miracles talking points to 'Your Ego World' subjects like Atlantis, Mu, governments, medicine, etc... As for the anonymous author, I can't image it being God as claimed for general spiritual principals state god is without exclusion but the very act of speaking necessitates exclusion so it is probably an entity...perhaps an ascended master or a high level astral being. There is the possibility that it is Jesus as it appears he has done a number of anonymous channeled works before and the language used in the intro would fit his style. So no evidence of Jesus as either the channel or as a subject, but Jerry Hirschfield does qualify for this website because the channel (god) closely identifies its message with the Course in Miracles. If you want to learn more, check out amazon's table of contents and free introduction.

Awakening Through a Course in Miracles

Another Course in Miracle's student, David Hoffmeister, would start to receive messages from what apparently was Jesus and would in turn be inspired to travel across the United States (no money, no resources, just trust) to share his message. Kind of like of Elizabeth MacDonald Burrows (although she isn't, as near as I can tell, a Course in Miracles student). Much of what David scribed/channeled is available free on his website, although his primary book, "Awakening Through a Course In Miracles" does not appear to be among them. There are segments on his website in which 'he' answers questions/topics and it is not 100% clear if it is David, his higher self, or Jesus talking which can be annoying... There are however definitely sections in which Jesus is absolutely the one directing the discourse. Here is a sample from his free publications.

Remembering Oneness

'Nicole' (don't know her last name) is again yet another Course in Miracle's student who channels Jesus (there are lot!). Anyways she appears to have put most of her messages from Jesus on her website http://www.rememberingoneness.com which can be read for free (there aren't too many). The subject seem to follow the spiritual topics of the Course in Miracles (such as this reality is pretty much a dream) and by large the messages appear to be well written.

Amy Barrington

Amy Barrington is a Course in Miracle Student (Gary Renard student too) who claims to have scribed Jesus. She published "Love Remembered: An Experiential Journey Through a Course in Miracles" which actually itself doesn't appear to contain too much direct Jesus-speak (mostly Course in Miracle quotes and her interpretations/summations of ACIM). Her website however does contain a number of direct messages from Jesus which you can read for free (seems to cover mostly spiritual topics).

Diamantino Coelho Fernandes

In the early 20th century a Brazilian man by the name of Diamantino Coelho Fernandes wrote a number of spiritual books through spiritual/telepathic means. These include 7 primary books:

  • Forces of Goodness (from the Apostle Thomas with a brief message from Jesus)
  • The Ultimate Call (from the Apostle Thomas)
  • New Life (from a number of entities)
  • Elucidator (Paul of Tarsus)
  • Corollary (Mary of Nazareth)
  • The Life of Jesus dictated by the Lord Himself (Jesus)
  • The New Order of Jesus (from Thomas concerning Jesus)

"The Life of Jesus dictated by the Lord himself" is currently being translated, but the translation in progress can be read free here.

"The New Order of Jesus" is also available to read online at http://www.theneworderofjesus.com as a translation from Luiz Schiefer or as a book .

Benjamin Creme

Benjamin Creme is a popular (and controversial) channel for the 'entity' known as Maitreya. Maitreya is something Helena Blavatsky first made popular and in which subsequent derivative theosophical movements have picked up and expanded on. The definitions for Maitreya are quite varied... Some say 'he' is a state of being, some a master who was the teacher for Jesus, and there are some that say he is an oversoul for the group consciousness of all people on earth. Some believe that the universe (well 'reality') exists in a fractal state in which there are creators/oversouls for creators/oversouls for creators/oversouls and so on...and that our immediate parent oversoul is maitreya (although he has parent and grandparent oversouls going all the way back to god). Benjamin Creme does not seem to follow this last belief but rather that Maitreya is a master holding the 'office of christ' and during the ministry of Jesus actually took over his body. The Jesus of Nazareth (according to Creme) has taken up physical form and will eventually make public his return in Italy and take over the Catholic church. I'm not a fan of these beliefs and neither is the Jesus from askrealjesus.com. But if you are interested, Creme has written a number of books which while primarily covering the subject of Maitreya and his messages also cover what he defines as Christ and gives tidbits as to how Jesus lived/is living/will live. A number of text are available online to read for free here.

Geraldine Cummins

In the early 20th century, Geraldine Cummins through automatic writing authored a bunch of books on esoteric topics. While a number of her books touch in various aspects on the bible/jesus, her primary works of interest are "The Childhood of Jesus" and "The Manhood of Jesus" which both read like novels...very interesting although not very instructive spiritually (although that can be boring at times). Basically as their titles describe they follow the life and adventures of Jesus. Both books can be read free online. Geraldine Cummons also wrote 'sequels' to these books which described somewhat the travels of Mary of Nazareth (post crucifixion) and of the early christians trying to spread the messages of Jesus. These books include "The Great Days of Ephesus"", "I Appeal Unto Caesar", and "When Nero Was Dictator" (and perhaps more...not an expert on her and some of her books are very hard to find).

Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence

Sarah Young was a devoted Christian who after a long time of writing into her prayer journal decided to listen to God and scribe what he stated. I can't figure out if at first she actually writes the answers herself or not, but apparently as this goes on she appears to eventually receive direct messages from Jesus (as God) who gives a series of handy daily devotionals. The perspective of these devotionals appears to more aimed for conventional christians (from a conventional christian) but the messages appear good and consistent with other spiritual sources (but perhaps without the depth of some of the higher sources mentioned elsewhere on this site...especially with the 1D emphasis on Jesus and the Bible). Sarah Young penned/scribed a number of sequels from Jesus/God including a "Jesus Calling: 365 Devotions For Kids" (interesting to see the language shift for this book). For a list of all her books including previews/intros/reviews/table of contents, checkout out amazon.com.

God Calling

God Calling is actually pretty similar in format to Sarah Young's books in that Jesus dictates helpful daily devotionals that communicate spiritual truths. Basically, they come from two women of somewhat poor health who would pray together and then receive messages from God/Jesus (the conflation is somewhat confusing albeit spiritually correct but consistent with christian perspectives of these women). Both of the women actually wished to be remain anonymous, so they actually became known as the "Two Listeners". Actually think this book is a better spiritual resource than the Sarah Young books (although she was inspired by Two Listeners!). God Calling is free to read online (originally written in the 30's). There appears (it's not readily apparent) sequels scribed by as well the Two Listeners including "Treasury of Devotion" and "God at Eventide".

Emmanuel's Book

Channeled by Pat Rodegast, Emmanuel's appears to be an advanced entity who communicates spiritual truths. The channelings have been compiled into three primary books, starting with Emamanuel's Book: A Manual for Living Comfortably in the Cosmos. As for the Jesus tie-in, not much is mentioned about him, but the messages are similar in some manners and Jesus is talked about briefly. Basically it mentioned that Jesus is active in the world today and that he won't re-embody in the future. Now a large percentage of christians believe Emmanuel is another name for Jesus (not all) and it is a curiously chosen title for this entity, however there doesn't seem to be any evidence from Pat that Emmanuel is Jesus. Emmanuel does refer to Jesus as a brother and makes somewhat unjesus like comments (well in comparison to the other channels) such as political leaders being sick (most channeled Jesus's don't care to talk about politics...positively or negatively). A significant portion of these books can surprisingly be read with Amazon's new preview feature which I would recommend you check out.

Virginia Essene

During an Edgar Cayce A.R.E bus tour in Israel, Virginia Essene would have a profound experience in which Jesus let her know that he would like her to help communicate some messages he had. These teachings were compiled into the book "New Teachings for an Awakening Humanity" which I have not read. There was a sequel from Jesus/Christ/Viriginia called "Secret Truths: A Young Adult's Guide for Creating Peace" as well. Over time, Virginia gets introduced to other entities who in turn introduce themselves to other entities...and these result in a number of other books as well (with emphases on more new-agish subjects perhaps like aliens/atlantis/lost human history/spirituality). These latter books were not communicated by Jesus (well as near as I can tell)... There isn't much in the way of free previews of these books, but Virginia does publish every other month the On-line Love Corps Newsletter which contains a lot of free channelings. This Jesus is very interesting albeit somewhat more worldly than the other Jesuses (might be a good thing). It should be noted the new-birth.net Jesus indicates he wasn't the author of 'New Teachings for an Awakening Humanity'.

Jesus: The Explosive Story of the 30 Lost Years and the Ancient Mystery Religions

From a young age, Tricia McCannon was actually able to see angels and later on would communicate and take dictations from them which resulted in the book, "Dialogues with the Angels". Tricia would then have a very interesting inspirational meeting with Jesus, in which he suggested that she create a book about his lost years, which she at first was reluctant to do. The book, "Jesus: The Explosive Story of the 30 Lost Years and the Ancient Mystery Religions" for the most part does not seem to be 'dictated from beyond' (well as near as I can tell as I haven't read it) but seems to be a collection of stories/references from a variety of esoteric and more conventional sources concerning some of the hidden information of Jesus'es life. Subjects range from talking about the Essenes, his DOB, his travels to India, Tibet, and even Great Britain. Free samples of the book can be read at Tricia's website: http://www.triciamccannonspeaks.com/books-page.html.

Messages to Our Family

Jean K. Foster (might talk more about her later) gained popularity for channeling spiritual messages from "The Brotherhood" which was a group of 'anonymous' entities who were interested in helping us advance in our spiritual growth. While "The Brotherhood" is similarly named to "The Great White Brotherhood" (which has a similar function and membership) I can't see any concrete evidence the two are the same. Annie Kirkwood would be attracted to Jean's channelings and eventually start channeling from the brotherhood herself. The interesting thing with Annie is that one of the anonymous entities identified itself as Mary, to which Annie was shocked as she wasn't a Catholic, but Mary assured her she wasn't either (LOL). Annie would go on to publish a book "Mary's Message of Hope" which contained a number of religious/spiritual messages from Mary through Annie. Annie would then publish another book called "Messages to our Family" which while mostly containing excerpts from Mary would also feature another Brotherhood member in Jesus who passed on his spiritual messages too. All in all, this is intriguing material but might be more appropriate for individuals who don't have a 'new-ageish' background and are more accustomed to standard christianity. Free intro/table of contents/samples can be read at Amazon.

A Souls Journey

During WWII, the author Peter Richeliue, loses his brother and while grieving is met by an Indian mystic Acharya who helps explain what death is all about. More specifically Archarya gives him a guided tour of the astral realm where many mysteries of life and death are explained and Peter gets to meet his brother. While a christian, the author doesn't make too many comments about christianity or Christ. There is an odd reference however...for example Archarya shows Peter the "Golden City" which is apparently a place on the astral realm where entities interested in Christ tend to congregate. It's referenced that Jesus and the apostles makes the rounds here including Judas (much to the surprise of the author). As a sidenote, the Golden City is also reference by Saint Germain (aka Joseph) as a place he liked to visit in the "I AM" series. Granted much of these explorations take place in the astral realm (not the highest rung on the ladder), but there are references to the more advanced mental realm as well (not as much). It's an interesting book that can be read online at scribd for free.

Cosmic Revelation

This is a book coauthored by Virginia Essene and Ann Valentin . Ann Valentin is a channel who works with the more well known Virginia. Ann tends to channel a silver entity while Virginia a gold (not 100% sure of what all this means as I haven't read their material). At any rate, apparently Cosmic Revelation is mostly channeled by Anne and contains revelations of how the universe/god/humans/realms/all that stuff...is structured. In Cosmic Revelation there apparently are messages from Jesus. I know Ann and Virginia would collaborate on one more book as well "Descent of the Dove". Beyond this Ann appears to have worked on a number of science-fiction/spiritual books as well.

Eternal Gold

As mentioned earlier, Jean K. Foster is a channel for a group of advanced entities interested in offering help to those who want it called the Brotherhood (I believe this is the same as The Great White Brotherhood). It appears she wrote a number of books (think 8) of which one, Eternal Gold definitely features messages from Jesus. The book actually contains a number of entities from the Brotherhood (to which Jesus is a 'member') but Jean Foster isn't big on identifying which entity is speaking at a particular time which can be confusing. In the intro however, Jesus is clearly identified and talks about why Jean was to be a channel. I would assume (haven't looked at them) that the other books in the 'Trilogy of Truth' series contain 'Jesus Speak' as well and perhaps her later books feature him as well. Here is a list of her books and a free preview of Eternal Gold.

Barbara Marx Hubbard

In the 60's Barbara Marx Hubbard, in response to an open question she had about Man's story, was answered with a vision that revealed the earth as an organism and as she a cell in this organism. She transformed to the future where she saw the earth and its inhabitants were aligned and healed in a blinding white light. In the later 70's she would encounter an electrifying light that identified itself as Christ and as the author of her previous vision/messages. Barbara would receive a number of messages from this entity that largely concentrated on the evolution of man and the meaning of armageddon (appears to be optional). Of particular interest is a detailed account of how in the future the cancer cells (aka bad humans) would be separated from the healthy cells (good humans) where the 'cancer cells' will undergo a 2nd death and the good humans will evolve to form an advanced race on earth. Don't know if this sounds very Jesus like as in other sources he talks about how apparent external problems are internal in reality... Who knows! Interesting read though... Not all of Barbara's books appear to contain christ-speak and the ones that primarily appear to are "The Revelation: A Message of Hope for the New Millennium" and "The Revelation: Our Crisis is a Birth" (albeit mixed with a lot of Barbara speak unfortunately). Click the previous Amazon links for free previews or for a more in depth look at Barbara and her cancer cell analogy check out this free scribd book which yes while from a fundy source has good info.

Heaven On Earth

A woman by the name of "I AM" (she changed her name) would after a trying experience with what I believe was breast cancer would receive messages from God which should be would then turned into 4 channeled books (author bio). Jesus is talked about in spots and in fact does an introductory message to the book "Heaven on Earth". The entity behind god (in my experience of reading these types of books there almost always is one as God talking implies duality which most sources say he isn't) is anonymous and there is no evidence that it is Jesus. The format is...a tad clunky/fluffy/new-agey but it appears other books cover interesting topics. For more information about these books check out the author's website angelfoodbooks.com.

Claude's Book

Claude was a British WW1 pilot that had been shot down by the Germans. His mother was distraught and contacted mediums to find more information about him. In particular, Claude's mom discovered the medium Mrs. Osborne Leonard (aka Feda) who was able to get in contact with her son. Claude would go on to describe quite a bit of what goes on after passing into death which formed the books "Claude's Book", "Claude's Second Book", and "Claude's Third Book". The first two are free reads online (the third might be too...can't find it though). Anyways this largely doesn't talk about Jesus, although he is mentioned by Claude (more so in the second book). More of a straightening out of more fundamentalist beliefs like in sin as opposed to more series spiritual teachings. Claude describes in the first book an experience in which his guides take him to see Jesus in a higher realm and to which Claude describes the experience in which the air almost crackled, there was lots of other people singing, and Jesus would look right through him and create a feeling of ecstasy.

The Crystal Stair: A Guide to the Ascension : Channeled Messages from Sananda (Jesus), Ashtar, Archangel Michael, and St. Germain

This is and its sequels are more material concerning Ashtar Command from in this case Eric Klein. The basic premise is that humanity is evolving into a new state and going through growing pains. Non humanoid entities (aliens) and ascended masters are apparently orbiting earth in space ships waiting to help when needed. As noted before, the askrealjesus.com Jesus seems to not consider Sananda nor Ashtar command as being legit messengers for him nor from other ascended masters. You can read a free sample of Klein channeling Sananda/Jesus here: http://ashtar.galactic2.net/sananda-klein.html

Stories From Heaven

Channeled from Frances M. Klug, this material primarily comes from the entity Saint Joseph and spans over 40 volumes. Now a good question is whether this Saint Joseph is the same entity as Saint Germain and this can't be certain. The channel Frances M. Klug seems to come from a conventional christian background and the topics tend to come into focus from that perspective. Guest entities like Mary Magdalene, Michael, Jesus and many other stars of bible also channel their wisdom from time to time...although this is different than theosophical type movements. Most of Jesus'es revelations can be found here. Volumes 1,2, and 3 of Stories From Heaven are free to read online at the official website themiracleofstjoseph.org .

Anna, Grandmother of Jesus

Anna, Grandmother of Jesus is a book channeled from 'Anna' (mother of Mary) to the author Claire Heartsong concerning the life of Jesus'es Grandmother. Haven't read the book but it appears to be interesting as Anna apparently was a high level Essene teacher at the noted Essene school at Mount Carmel. The contents also include sections on the life of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Joseph, Mother Mary, the lost travels of Yeshua (most spiritual sources indicate this was his name), and more... Claire would also author a sequel to this book called "Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes" which followed Anna, Mother Mary, and a group of Magdalene-Essenes on there attempts to carry on the message of Yeshua in France and Britain."Anna, Grandmother of Jesus" has a free preview at amazon and more information about Claire Heartsong can be gotten from her website: claireheartsong.com.

Veronica: The Lost Years of Jesus

For a change of pace, we don't have a channeled book... Basically the author Jacelyn Eckman while visiting St. Peter’s Basilica happened to see a small bronze plaque titled "St. Veronica" which caused her to have a profound experience. She had no idea that Veronica was the cousin of Jesus, but after a couple of days memories starting coming back to her of Veronica as a past life of hers, and then Jesus in meditation suggested that she put these memories into a book. In her books, Jacelyn describes herself as the essene woman Veronica who was friends with Miriam (aka Mary Magdalene) and traveled with the other unknown women disciples to help Jesus in his ministry. It also follows Jesus in many of his lost years including his travels to Egypt, Persia, India and Tibet (of which she was able to keep in contact with him!). This is a relatively new series so the third book in the trilogy is not done, but "Veronica: The Lost Years of Jesus" and "Veronica: Eyewitness to the Ministry of Jesus" are. You can find out more information about Jacelyn and Veronica from the official website jacelyneckman.com or from her youtube page or from her facebook page.

Grupo Elron

Grupo Elron is an Argentinean group that communicates 'messages of light' from a number of advanced entities (and so-so advanced entities/dead human celebrities). The main channel appears to be Jorge R. Olguin who apparently used to be the disciple John Zebedee in a past life. Among the entities channeled is Jesus (he uses ' Ieshu ben Josef' in his intro). The contents of the channelings are pretty interesting...more straight to the point and definitely more scientific than a lot of other channels. This Jesus is not afraid to get into specific details and provide more scientific answers and is some ways is similar to the askrealjesus.com jesus. The main website can be found here although if you are looking for just the Jesus quotes, you may be better off using their search feature in the upper-right corner (big website).


Kyron is the name of an apparently advanced entity that is primarily channeled from Lee Carroll. Lee is an author of a number of books and his group's website contains a number of free channeled articles. The subject matter is somewhat diverse and has a scientific/new-ageish slant. Kyron.com does feature a free question and answer that talks a little bit about Jesus and Lee's books do a bit as well...but Jesus is by no means a primary focus. Funny thing is some of these other channeled sources don't seem care for the authenticity of Kyron. Askrealjesus.com Jesus states kryon is an entity apparently stuck in the mental realm and makes the comment that entities here think they can think their way to enlightenment which he says is incorrect. Grupo Elron (mentioned above) says that Lee initially did channel the Kyron entity but this entity gave up when Lee started distorting his messages...when Lee resumed channeling a fake Kyron took over pretending to be the real kyron. Apparently this 'entity swap' has happened before...both Grupo Elron and Askrealjesus.com say this pretty much happened with Neale Donald Walsch between his first and second books of "Conversations With God".

The Christ Spirit

Written by Dale A. Landry, this is a book I haven't read nor can find almost any information about on the web (nor about Dale himself). However from one synopsis at alibris.com it does say that Dale Landry allowed Jesus to speak through him and pass along his wisdom and knowledge. Also authored by Dale Landry is 'Creative Expression - Seth (1)' and 'The Voices of Spirit: Predictions for the New Millennium'...so maybe he is more Seth oriented...if you know more about Dale Landry, let me know here.


This is a website founded by Kevin Williams that analyzes various near death experiences. What is interesting about near-death.com is how he compares these experiences and then categorizes the observations of the NDE'rs to figure out the big picture. Once such category is on Jesus... which is a very interesting read (some of these NDE'rs have been referred to elsewhere on this page). Talks about how people saw him with different hair color, skin, eyes...and explains that Jesus appears in a fashion in which people can understand him. Describes a number of appearances and quotes from Jesus to the NDE'r.

Gabriele Wittek

Gabriele Wittek is a German channel who would first channel Brother Emmanuel and then later Jesus (I thought the two were the same...but what do I know). The messages appear to be very good and consistent with higher spiritual sources. eg When talking about healing Jesus says that all our ailments can be traced back to people we have not forgiven...while a somewhat unusual statement on the surface this is nearly identical to a statement in the Course in Miracles. Of interest this Jesus talks quite a bit about food. Seems to think the thought you have behind your consumption is more important than what you do or don't eat (it appears we are what we do/think). He doesn't seem to advocate a 100% vegetarian diet but does indicate as our soul develops a more vegetarian diet would result. He also seems to indicate we would also gradually steer away from nicotine, alcohol, salt, spices and heavier foods in general and eat more lighter foods (lighter foods = lighter more buoyant thoughts apparently).

Gabriele wrote some books, but you can read much of her channeled material free online (and translated) here.

Diana Cooper

Another individual who overcomes trying circumstances to discover spiritual revelation, Diana Cooper is an author of over 19 books on subjects ranging from Angels, Masters/Great White Brotherhood, Orbs, 2012, Atlantis and more... Most of her revelations do appear to come from angels (I haven't read her material) and on occasion Jesus. However, as near as I can tell revelations from Jesus and about Jesus are in the minority of her books. There are interesting tidbits however...while in a discussion with Kuthumi and another master Diana asks about Jesus, Jesus appears to answer the question himself (it's about serving God) and he tells her to be still and know thyself (and he gives her a daisy). This is in the book "A New Light on Ascension"...in the book "Angel Answers" an angel gives a bunch of information on Jesus including that Jesus and Mary Magdalene married and had child post crucifixion, that he did have a virgin birth (esoteric sources disagree a lot on this one) and that he did not die on the cross but was 'healed' into shape by helping essenes, For more information check out the previews/reviews on amazon, check out her site (it has interesting Q&A's), or for information specifically about Jesus from her do this google book search.

The Letters of Paul: A New Spiritual World View

This is a book I know very little about but apparently is channeled to Galadriel (Sylvia Schecter) from Hilarion (aka Paul...now an ascended master). Apparently he clarifies his points on a number of contentious subjects like sexuality, homosexuality, crucifixion, and on female church leaders (apparently he appointed the first woman bishop).

The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ

This is another 'lost years' book about Jesus...Written by Nicolas Notovitch in 1890, this recounts Nicolas's adventures into India and Tibet and subsequent discovery that a splinter Tibetan Buddhist group in Ladakh had copies of original scrolls describing the life of Jesus. So basically the first half of the book is about Nicolas and a brief discussion with a chief lama concerning the scrolls. The second half of the book contains an english translation of the scrolls. The 2nd half tells the account of Issa (their name for Jesus who they considered a 'Boddhisattva'). 'The Unknown LIfe of Jesus Christ' is free to read online. Not as interesting as I had hoped, but it does contain interesting tidbits like Jesus 'stirring up' a caste war against the Brahmins.

Did Our Lord Visit Britain as they say in Cornwall and Somerset?

There are a number of books on this general subject... Many talk of Mary and some of the disciples fleeing to Britain following the crucifixion, there are sources that discuss the relationship/friendship between the mystical societies of the druids and essenes and in this book there is a discussion based on research/local stories that Jesus during his lost years created a small house and settled in Glastonbury to prepare himself for his future ministry. Apparently he had known about Glastonbury from an early trip with his uncle Joseph of Arimathaea who traded for tin in the area. Don't know too much about C.C. Dobson's book though...

St. Joseph of Arimathea at Glastonbury Or the Apostolic Church of Britain

This is yet another book about the untold stories of Jesus and his followers traveling to Britain It quotes C.C. Dobson concerning Jesus settling in Glastonbury but appears to expand on this somewhat by going more in detail about Joseph of Arimathaea, the early apostles, and Mary all settling on Britain. It even suggests that Mary was buried at Avalon and that the roots of many King Arthur legends started from these early christian settlers fleeing Roman/Jewish persecution. Google books has a free preview of the book.

The Way of the Essenes: Christ's Hidden Life Remembered

This is translated from French to English from the authors Anne Meurois-Givaudan and Daniel Meurois-Givaudan. It tells of these two reading the akashic record of their past lives as essenes during the time of Jesus. Daniel is actually the author of over 25 books which mostly appear to be obtained from reading the akashic records...however as near as I can tell, most have not been translated into English. I believe additional books of his do touch on Jesus and the essenes including "The First Teachings of Christ" and "The Gospel of Mary Magdalene according to the Book of Time". You can read more about Daniel Meurois-Givaudan at his website.

Twelve Blessings

George King was a channel in the 50's for an entity from Venus called Aetheries. At one point he is able to contact Jesus (or as King calls him Sananda) who instructs him to a certain location where Jesus arrives in a lightship and gives him teachings that would form the book "Twelve Blessings". As for accuracy...I don't know about this. Think it is possible for entities to exist in a state we don't recognize on Venus but am not sure Jesus needs a spaceship or that he physically lives on Venus. Those who have read the book (I haven't) say the teachings are good... Anything with the label 'Sananda' I am leery of based on what the askrealjesus.com has stated though.

Ascension!: An Analysis of the Art of Ascension as Taught By the Ishayas

Supposedly, there formed about 2500 years ago a movement in India surrounding the person Shankara who apparently had attained enlightenment. Jesus apparently would during his lost years learn much from the sages/followers of Shankara and pass this information on to his disciples. Following the imprisonment of John the Beloved, John and some companions fled to Tibet to form the Ishaya movement with the masters of the Shankara following. In a hidden valley in Tibet (Vashti) John and the others worked to preserve these inner teachings. Fast forward to near the present day, and a Seattle man by the name of Robert Vaughn Abrams discovers this movement and publishes a fictionalized account of the Ishayas in "First Thunder". Unfortunately the book was fictionalized ('to protect the identity/location of the Ishaya movement') but the book does claim the core information is real. There were subsequent "Thunder" sequels written...but the book highlighted here "Ascension!: An Analysis of the Art of Ascension as Taught By the Ishayas" concentrates on the teachings of the Ishaya and more specifically a systematic methodology of obtaining ascension. I actually believe this book isn't authored by Robert but by one of the students of the MSI movement his started. Here is some background information on the Ishayas a free preview of the book from Amazon.com

That Which Is

One day a being beams into the lounge Elizabeth Campbell (Star Trek style) and identified itself as Hermeas (well somewhat). This being explains many esoteric and spiritual matters to Elizabeth which go on to form the book, "That Which Is". In the google books preview this entity says it isn't really Hermeas but more of a messenger of god that includes many (all?) identifications. The entity makes the interesting comment that if asked "Are you Jesus?", it replies "Yes, I most certainly am, but that is not the 'only I am', I am. So who knows... There is another booklet called "Ancient Traditions and the Pyramids" (free download at hermeas.org if you register) that has a different vibe than 'That Which Is' but does contain interesting bits about the male infant massacre during the birth of Jesus, a bit on Saint Germain, and an interesting piece (written in 2007) that seems to indicate nature will have its revenge on the Japanese for their materialistic ways in the form of an off shore earthquake. (think this pamphlet might have been channeled by Elizabeth's friend Martha Randolf though...)

Pearl Dorris

Pearl Dorris was an "I am" student at Mt Shasta who after Godfre passed on (ascended), received messages from a number of masters including Saint Germain and Jesus. These messages would go into the "Step by Step We Climb" series which spanned 3 volumes. I have not read the series but hear it is popular with readers of the I AM series and can probably be considered related somewhat to the whole "I Am" movement started by Guy Ballard.

Head of Christ

Howard Chandler Christy was a famous American painter who at the end of his life was granted a vision of Jesus which he painted. There aren't that many details known about Howard Chandler Christy, although a woman by the name of Helen Coply would launch a somewhat mystical research project into his background which formed the book The Christy Quest. Interesting sidenote about Howard Christy...he was partially blind and numb from the knees down, but after a meeting with a Christian Scientist made a miraculous recovery which was so incredible, Time magazine ran a story on it.

Reach For Us: Your Cosmic Teachers & Friends

Dorothy Roeder is a channel who apparently can tap into a number of entities and aliens including ascended masters and Jesus. In the book, "Reach for Us" Dorothy roughly 30 masters briefly share their thoughts with the readers including a brief bit from Sananda (who identifies himself as Jesus). Granted some Jesus sources discount Sananda (like askrealjesus) and some Jesus'es feel that Sananda is sort of a fractured part of Jesus. At any rate if you are into the whole aliens+sananda, ashtar command, and the different ascended masters this may be the book for you. Amazon free preview...keep hitting 'surprise me' until you get to the chapter from Sananda.

Scott Amun

Scott Amun is a blog author and channel who at http://passagesoflight523.blogspot.com/ shares what Jesus had to say to him (it's about 2 pages of free material). It's interesting as Jesus makes his remarks from back in time where he was hanging around his followers and conducted this session with Scott while in an altered trance (Peter takes notice!). This session doesn't talk about too much...de-emphasizes his personal details while emphasizing the more spiritual/loving aspects of his teachings. He does make a joke at the end that was amusing:

"Some of them have manifested extraordinary powers, such as instantaneous movement and, yes, walking on water. Peter finally got that one down, though he did a fair amount of swimming first."

Helena Roerich

Helena Roerich was a Russian women who was able to communicate messages from masters which she relayed in her books. There aren't that many details known about her. She was a theosophy student and married a famous Russian painter Nicolas Roerich (a lot of new-age sources use his paintings like Summit Lighthouse). A lot of speculation is that many of these came teachings came from Morya and Kuthumi with perhaps the book "The Call" communicated from Maitreya. As for Jesus, I don't see too many references, but "On Eastern Crossroads: Legends and Prophecies of Asia" he is referenced with some background information on him.

Dr. Ron Scolastico

Ron Scolastico is a psychologist who through spiritual experiences came to discover a group of entities known as 'The Guides'. Ron has written roughly 6 books with the 'new-agish wisdom' of these guides including a book on Jesus. Here he concentrates on what the Christ force is and would ask a number of questions about Jesus, his experiences and teachings. Google books has an indepth free preview of The Mystery of the Christ Force A Personal Story of Enlightenment for Spiritual Seekers .

More Wisdom of Ramadahn

Ursula Roberts was a British channel who primarily communicated with an entity known as Ramadahn (apparently an Egyptian in a past life). In one of her books "More Wisdom of Ramadahn" (free to read online) she devotes an entire chapter to questions about Jesus which she answers. Mostly simple/spiritual stuff but with historical notes such as Mary did not have a virgin conception.

Angel Visions

Written by Dorren Virtue, this and it's sequel are basically a compilation of short accounts of people's experiences with angels and other higher beings. Most of the accounts are somewhat vague but Jesus is referred to maybe 15-20 times between both books. "Angel Visions" and "Angel Visions II: More True Stories of People Who Have Had Contact with Angels, and How YOU Can, Too!" both have amazon.com previews available.

My Dream of Heaven

My Dream of Heaven is a Civil War era book about a somewhat sickly woman Rebecca Ruter Springer who appears to have a vision (think it's actually a NDE) of her dying and her brother Frank showing her around in 'heaven' (probably the astral plane). While not super detailed, her accounts do include seeing Jesus (he appears to be teaching some kids lessons) and the disciple John. This book is free to read online.

Our Lady of Kibeho: Mary Speaks to the World from the Heart of Africa

This is an interesting book that tells the story of how in Rwanda during the 80's (before the 1994 genocide) a group of individuals (8 although there probably were more) around the village of Kibeho would have visions/experiences with Christ and Mary with the theme being that trouble was brewing and they had to change their ways. These individuals who relayed these messages from Jesus and Mary would actually be beaten for what they said but after the genocide these messages would be more widely accepted especially on a more international stage where even the Catholic church has recognized many of the 'miracles' as having been legit. "Our Lady of Kibeho" has a preview at Amazon. Additionally the author Immaculée Ilibagiza is working on a sequel called "The Boy Who Met Jesus: Segatashya Emmanuel of Kibeho" that details the ~8 year conversation Segatashya had with Jesus in which apparently he would ask and receive answers on a number of subjects...which looks interesting.

Is There More to Life Than What We Know?: A Spiritual Journey and Awakening to Finding God

Joseph Lobrutto III was an individual who had psychic powers since childhood. In this book, "Is There More to Life Than What We Know" he is guided by his spirit guides to talk about a number of subjects. One chapter in particular is called "The Metaphysical Story of Jesus" which recaps his life in a more esoteric twist. Personally, I didn't find too much of this information to be surprising or new...if you are interested Amazon has a preview here.

Greg Belter

Greg Belter is a christian mystic who developed the ability to see auras and spirits. Among his discoveries are of heaven and of Jesus. In at least two books (haven't read them completely) there are substantial quotes from Jesus (in "The Throne Room" and "Gold Heaven: A Look Inside Paradise"). In a third book the subject matter is a little bit more diverse but I believe there is a section on Jesus in there as well ("Vision from God"). Google books has extensive previews of several of his books.

The Magdalen Manuscript: The Alchemies of Horus and the Sex Magic of Isis

This is a book that is channeled from Mary Magdalen to Tom Kenyon which tells the tale of how Jesus and Mary did indeed have a relationship (and a child named Sar'h). Haven't read the book, but it appears there isn't too much in the way of Mary speak and a lot of filler from the authors. It does touch on Mary's esoteric training in Egypt which a lot of other sources talk about. The askrealjesus.com jesus get's asked about "The Magdalen Manuscript" and states that he did not marry and have a child with Mary prior to his 'death' but did so afterwards and in fact had seven children in Kashmir (not in France which apparently was a false rumor spread by Joseph of Arimathaea).

Cosmic Colleagues - Ascended Master Messages

Written by famous breatharian Jasmuhee, Cosmic Colleagues includes words of wisdoms from various masters including St. Germain and Sananda (who is supposed to be Jesus...although this is contended by some). At any rate the messages of the masters have a very theosophical feel to it. Sananda speaks briefly and on spiritual topics such as judgment, love, and enlightenment. Amazon has a preview of this book available.

Cliff Preston Channels The Echo Book 3

Cliff Preston was a recovery diver for the Niagara River who would learn to channel what would be known as the entity "The Echo". He wrote a trilogy of books that talk about his personal life and contains the remarks from this Echo entity. In the third book he talks about Jesus including more historical trivial pursuit items (such as his body was stolen by his family and that the real shroud was discarded). The 'echo' also mentions that The Course in Miracles was written by 'spirit' but also contained a lot of unchanneled information. Apparently also, the biblical Jesus is in fact a combination of historical figures although apparently there really was a Jesus. Preview at Amazon... if you use the search feature creatively you can somewhat bypass the default default selection that they give you.

The Christ Blueprint: 13 Keys To Christ Consciousness

Through a miracle of communion, Padma Aon Prakasha was able to contact Padma Aon Prakasha was able to receive message from apparently 13 of Jesus'es disciples and a number of other ascended masters (and Jesus/Yeshua himself). Roughly speaking, each master speaks for about a chapter on some spiritual theme. The masters include Mary Magdalene, Yogananda, Babaji, Joseph of Arimathea, Saint Germain, Lucifer(!), and more... Google books has a free preiview of The Christ Blueprint.

Joyce West

Joyce West maintains a website called journeyingwithjandj.com in which she writes down her channelings/experiences with Jeshua. Like many of the other channels listed on this site she is a Courser (student of the Course in Miracles). Honestly, the archive section doesn't contain too many channelings from Jeshua (unless I'm being totally obtuse). The unique thing about this website is Joyce offers personalized counseling sessions with Jeshua (through her and for a fee). So if you have a pressing need to get counseling from Jeshua this might a way... Joyce 'charges' 15 dollars per written question or 50 per hour for a phone session (with the first 15 minutes being free to see if things would work out).

My Place in Time - A Book of Channeled Teachings

This book mostly contains messages William P. Jacobs transcribed from meditations he had done. The source of these messages is not clear...could be Jesus as the language is similar and the way he opens a chapter with greetings (lot of channeled Jesuses do this)...however there is no proof (that I can find) that he is indeed the messenger. The subject matter is spiritual in focus with frequent references to Jesus and Christ...mostly higher level spiritual teachings more similar with say the Course in Miracles than some of these other channels who are more interested in trivial pursuit nuggets, the bureaucracy of ascended masters and aliens. Free preview is available at google books.

I Am Called Jesus: The Story of My Life and Teaching

Paul Throne would practice the art of 'Trance Channeling' and eventually channel an entity called Eon. Encouraged by this, he then tried contacting Mother Mary which worked...then Jesus. Paul asked Jesus if he would speak to him each day of the lenten season which he agreed to do with each day being a retelling of his life (hence the book). Accurate...don't know. It's not super spiritual but neither is it super specific as well. Some details like Joseph getting married to Mary when he was young contradict other sources that state he married her when he was an older man. You can make up your own mind... Google books as a preview of "I Am Called Jesus". Amazon has a preview to his sequel "Meditations for My Followers: The Call of Jesus".

Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back

One of the trendy books in the news right now is "Heaven is for Real" in which Colton relays his NDE in which he goes to heaven, talks to Jesus, and meets angels . The book is actually written by his father (preacher father) and is probably 80% non-NDE filler. Some of the language is somewhat fundy slanted such as everybody having wings (perhaps influenced by Dad or the boy's upbringing in constructing a 'standard' christian heaven as a way of interpreting his existence in the astral realm). Some the stories relayed are impressive as the boy knew the father's location during surgery and knew things about a miscarried lost sister and great-grandfather he shouldn't have known. If you are interested, there is a free preview at google books.

Mary Gerard

Mary Gerard was referenced in Joel Wright's book "The Book On and Jesus Answers" as apparently somebody who had helped Joel in his work. In fact, after Joel's death Mary added to the end of "The Book On" her channeling of a message from Joel himself (beyond the grave). Mary is apparently another courser (Course in Miracles student) who works in therapy and the author of two books (at least). In the first book "The Mentor Within Let your Self be seen" Mary appears to 'channel' her inner self or inner voice to answer a number of various questions she has about life and spirituality. It's a back and forth 'argument' between the ego and the 'voice of god'. Jesus does make an appearance in the book and "doesn't mince words, gives plenty to laugh at". It appears Mary is also the author also of "Visions of Illumniation, Seeing with the Heart of God" however I'm not sure what this is about. Mary has a website thementorwithin.com which she says in "The Book On" that you can email her from that website for personal scribings from Jesus.


This is a website founded by Australian psychics Dr Michael and K. It contain various messages from a number of ascended masters and offers psychic readings (for a price). A couple of the channelings are from Jeshua and while not super substantial does contain an interesting reference of Jesus taking K to a garden of his...interesting because a number channeled sources have this same observation.

God Explains

Bob Cecilio is a psychic, author and the webmaster of Queenspsychicclubofnyc.com . After his son died of aids, Bob (still worried about his son) contacts a number of psychics to commune with his son. Among the psychics Bob meant would be John Edward (the guy who talks to deceased family members on TV) and he would eventually become psychic himself. During meditation he would encounter Jesus and would relay many of his teachings (almost exactly) in 'God Explains'. The first portion of the book does concern Bob's personal life but the book then does transition into apparently pure Jesus speak. Haven't read the book, but it appears the topic of 2012/earth changes gets covered more than other Jesus sources (although by no means the primary emphasis). If you are interested in Jesus'es take on earth changes, Bob has posted a number of Jesus'es messages on the subject free at his website.

On Earth...As It Is In Heaven

Rev. Daniel Neusom apparently (haven't read the book) channels angels Gabriel, Michael and Jesus to form the book "On Earth...As It Is In Heaven". Daniel is (yet again) another Course In Miracles student who appears to have figured out how to channel Jesus. The publisher is Oneness Press and some reviews mention Bob Cecilio so it appears he too is probably a member of the Queens Psychic Club of New York City. Amazon.com has a free preview of the book.

Don and Norma Menhennett

Don on his 70th birthday would receive a message to wake up and write. The messages came from Jesus and would be transcribed to the free online book 'The Secret'. The format is basically Q&A. Don would scribe a sequel that would also feature messages from other ascended hosts like Yogananda called 'Messages from God' which is also free to read online. Both are quick reads and provide interesting insight generally consistent with other sources.


New-birth.net is a somewhat simple website that contain a number of messages from a variety of ascended hosts, but most prominently messages from Jesus. The format appears to be question/answer and the answers well thought out. The primary channel appears to be a follower of James Padgett.

The Phoenix Journals

The Phoenix Journals are a large group of publications (200+) that apparently are channeled from a number of masters (including Sananda/Jesus). You can read them apparently free here. Other 'masters' quoted include Saint Germain, Michael, Tesla and other familiar names. Not sure how spiritual or accurate these sources are have I haven't really read them. They appear to have a more political slant...whether that is your cup of tea is up to you.


This website contains an online newsletter archive that you can read here. The newsletters contained channeled messages from a number of masters including Jesus who speaks in two of them. The messages aren't very detailed...both seem to warnings of sorts of changes to come and how lightworkers need to reapply themselves.


This website is somewhat unorganized but apparently includes links to other Jesus/Sananda channelings and apparently original channelings (could be mistaken) as well. There is a slight conspiracy/alien slant to a few of the messages but for the most part appear to be pretty spiritual.

Susan Harris

She runs the website oneuniversalmessage.net in which she channels a number of entities including Jesus, Saint Germain, Michael, Mary Magdalene, Emmanuel, Gabriel and more. The messages tend to by somewhat stereotypical spiritual in nature. There are four specific messages from Jesus.

Teachings From the Ascended Masters

Written by Beryl Charnley this is a series of I believe 5 books that features Sananda (which is supposed to be Jesus...some debate on that) and a Master Rakoczi. Haven't read the books so don't know anything about them. I think this is the author's main website.


Azona is a channel who wrote the books "Sananda's Teachings" (2 volumes). Not many reviews are available on the web, but this website a a free blurb that you can read. Here Jesus makes a reference to trying times ahead, being with many who are reading the book for multiple life times and futures times of high vibration in which things like teleportation and instant food could be possible.


This is a somewhat brief blog post that apparently contains Yeshua channelings from 2007. Channeled from David Collins, the content is somewhat vague but does talk about earth changes that would be happening (at around the summer of 2007).

Carol Cooper-Steyn

Carol is a channel for various ascended masters but mostly Saint Germain, Merlin and Yeshua. You can read transcripts of her channelings at http://www.divineflame.co.za/Channelings.htm . Not super specific (channeled Jesus'es rarely are) but more so perhaps than some of the other websites I've covered.

Book of Yeoshua

This is written by the channel Melinda Pajak which I haven't read. However, Melinda also has a website http://themelindachannel.com/ in which a substantial number of channelings can be read for free. The topics probably aren't high level spiritual ones but the topics and answers are interesting. Mary Magdalene answers many of the questions with Jesus in somewhat of a open format. Topics include the Japanese earthquake, grounding chakras, losing kids, and more... Mary Magdalene explains her role thusly: "Sometimes Yeoshua speaks in circles and some people can find it frustrating but then that’s why I’m here.".

Michelle Coutant

Michelle is a channel for Yeshua and Archangel Michael. You can read many of her channelings free on her website's archive: http://www.transformingradiance.com/archives.html . Nothing too specific here...mostly general spiritual advice that is about 50/50 Michael/Jeshua (or as Sananda).

The Fellowship of Yeshua

"The Fellowship of Yeshua: Communing With Your Ascended Soul Guides" is a guide about spiritual guides that was purportedly relayed to the author Dr. Paul Daniel Payne by two ET's named Yeshua and Gabriel (why he refers to them as ET's I don't know). Apparently he has been visited by these two guides since childhood and among other things wants to share how you to can get in touch with your guides. Amazon.com has a free preview of the book.

Paul Tuttle

Paul Norman Tuttle channels Raj which apparently is an alias for Jesus. Paul has put much of these teachings into his two books, "You Are the Answer: A Journey of Awakening " and "Graduation - The End Of Illusions". Basically the books are in Q&A format from Paul to Raj (for the most part). These books and many other teachings/transcripts are actually available free on his website http://www.nwffacim.org/. The theme is basically similar to the Course in Miracles and these books/teachings pretty much bill themselves as sequels to the Course.

I was recently recommended by a visitor two additional websites that have extensive Raj teachings: http://heavenlydesigns.homestead.com/Gathering.html & http://www.rajdownloads.com/.

I Remember Union: The Story of Mary Magdalena

The author Flo Aeveia Magdalena would while praying at church encounter a vision of Jesus that apparently changed her life and offered a way of communicating between herself and Jesus. The book, "I Remember Union: The Story of Mary Magdalena" is apparently channeled from Jesus (and maybe Mary and maybe Judas...haven't read it) and touches largely on the life that Jesus and Mary shared together. Amazon.com has a free preview. Flo Aeveria is also the author of "Sunlight on Water: A Manual for Soul-Full Living" in which she channels apparently unnamed spirit guides in providing spiritual advice (the Amazon.com preview talks about grounding for example). Don't think Jesus is mentioned in this book but am not sure.


The author of the website apparently remembered a past life with Jesus during childhood and over the course of his life would reestablish a psychic channel with him and the result is this website with messages from Jesus which you can read here. The messages are mostly short and sweet and similar to the Course in Miracles (talks about guilt, ego, past live not being relevant, ...that type of thing).

Susan Brown

Susan is one of these individuals who had some personal problems...crashed...then had a spiritual 'awakening'. She now channels a number of masters like Morya, both Mary's and Jesus. You can read her articles at examiner.com . Here is a sample: http://www.examiner.com/angels-in-national/part-1-jesus-and-mary-magdalene-outline-their-plan-for-healing


Believe Yama'El is an entity that Brenda McCann channels (could be an alias for Brenda herself...am not sure). At any rate apparently she channels Jesus on occasion and does '5D Ascension Training With Master Jesus' (for a fee). Can't find too much of her material online but there is an interesting tidbit here about Sananda. To paraphrase, the answer is very similar to that of askrealjesus.com. This Jesus claims he never uses that title and that there are entities that do use that title of which none should not be trusted.

Christ's Light Ministries

'Brandon' in March of 2011 began to see visions of Jesus and would relay these onto his website: http://www.christs-light-ministries.org. Not a ton of material...mostly generic spiritual messages (forgive lots...don't get bogged down with guilt...that type of thing).


ECETI is a 'UFO' movement that is affiliated in some manner with 'James Gilliland '. James apparently has been able to contact Jesus during meditation and during sleep. Can't find too much material from James/Jesus but did find an article where Jesus comments on 9/11 here. The gist of the article is that buildings were taken down with explosive to cover up a massive gold heist. Usually Jesus isn't this political...but who knows. James I believe normally channels from the entity Cazekiel (aka Ezekiel) and has authored a number of books with him. James also authored the book "Christus Crucifixus" that could be about Jesus but do not know.

David Anrias

David was a Theosophy student who apparently eventually channeled Jesus. In "The Vision of the Nazarene" (which you can preview here) Jesus relays clarifications about his teachings especially the more esoteric, 'darker' and more subtle aspects. What interesting is that Jesus shows himself in a garden...a somewhat common theme from other Jesus witnesses/channels. David Anrias also wrote "Through the Eyes of the Masters" in which he relays messages from a number of masters: Master Jesus, Rishi of Nilgiri Hills, Master Morya, Master Hilarion, Venetian Master, Master Serapis, Mahachohan, Lord Maitreya, and Master Koot Hoomi. David also singled out just the Jesus channelings from that book and put it into: "The Master Jesus - Pamphlet".


This is a website channeled from Sandra Hurlbut and features messages from a number of masters including Archangel Rafael, Saint Germain, and Yeshua. There aren't too many messages from Yeshua (which you can read here) but touch on general spiritual themes like forgiveness and trust. Of note, there is a somewhat interesting and brief reference to how sound can actually heal.

Bruce Fraser MacDonald

Bruce is another NDE person who while 'dead' met with Jesus (as well as Elijah and Moses) and talked about what could happen if he went back...and I think that entailed writing these books. Bruce is the author of two books: "The Prayer of Silence: A Complete Course in Spiritual Transformation" and "The Thomas Book Near Death, a Quest and a New Gospel by the Twin Brother of Jesus". The latter has a free preview on Amazon.com. Later in life he would hear an 'inner voice' that consisted of 'spiritual guides' as well as Jesus. They were would reveal to him a number of tidbits/wisdoms which you can read from his books or his website. ... What makes Bruce unique is his claims... He says he was Judas Thomas the twin brother of Jesus (in a past life) and that the Course in Miracles was not channeled by Jesus (askrealjesus.com also states this) but in this case by the first century magician Simon Magus. Furthermore he states (to put it politely) that Gary Renard is not the reincarnation of Thomas as Gary claims (Bruce says he is) and that Gary is making things up...and really is the reincarnation of Simon Magus (Gary was alive when the Course was created which makes this 'argument' interesting). The Course In Miracles scholar Robert Perry picked up on this 'argument' and makes the interesting third party observation that while Bruce makes a very good observation that Gary plagiarized an existing transcript of the Gospel of Thomas, Bruce'es arguments against the Course in Miracles are weak and belie a misunderstanding of what the Course in Miracles is all about.

The Angel's Diary. Celestion Study of Man

It's not clear if this is a NDE or channeled message from somebody who just died... This book basically describes the experiences of Effie M Shirey as she died and 'went to heaven'. In many ways it is very similar to other NDE books except this takes place ~1900. What interesting is how she describes the various sphere/realms that certain entities hang out in. She devotes one chapter to Jesus and where in a higher realm he apparently comforts a woman who had lost her child while being accompied by other angels. You can read her book free online here.

C.W Leadbeater

C.W. Leadbeater was an early 20th century Liberal Catholic Church bishop who was made popular for his involvement in the theosophical movement, association with Helena Blavatsky and Annie Besant, and apparent clairvoyant abilities. He would using his abilities or contacts with masters, talk and write about a number of occult subjects.

The significant belief he advocated as far as Jesus goes, was that Jesus and Christ were not one and the same (nor that Christ was a state of being). Rather that when Jesus was older, he let an advanced being known as Maitreya use his body to spread helpful teachings. So in essence Maitreya (Christ) and Jesus worked together with one body to accomplish the same goal (similar to the Nestorianism movement). Leadbeater would touch on a number of other Christian subjects as well including the book The Christian Creed: Its origin and signification...which to be honest isn't that interesting of a book. Pretty much all of Leadbeater's work is available online to read for free here.

I am suspect of some of his christian revelations but do find some of his occult observations very well thought out and almost scientific...which is unusual for mystics. For example he goes into a lot of detail of how the different planes (physical, etheric, astral, mental, buddhic, etc...) work and relate to life as we know it.

Leadbeater did have his share of controversy... Primarily for his differing beliefs from Blavatsky (not necessarily a bad thing) and pronouncement that Krishnamurti was to be the next world teacher and host for Maitreya (of which George Lucas wrote a little about in his first episode of Young Indiana Jones).

Murdo MacDonald-Bayne

Murdo MacDonald-Bayne was a Scottish healer in the early 20th century. He had an early vision of Jesus when he was 6 that overwhelmed him. He would later develop the ability to sense things other couldn't and the ability to hover in mid-air. Murdo would travel all around the world healing those he met. Two of his most popular (and free) books are:

In the books, Murdo is guided by an apparent ascended master who encourages and guides Murdo to travel deep into Tibet meeting a lot of other incredible masters along the way. Many miracles are performed in these books...Murdo learns to generate his own heat in the cold, he witnesses some Tibetan masters fly, and he learns how to do telepathy...in languages he doesn't know... Along the way the masters give their spiritual wisdom. The themes seem to be...time doesn't exist...our focus can't be on perception...and what is important is the inner as the outer is but a refelction thereof. All-in-all the spiritual advice seems to be fairly good. Jesus (while referred to from time to time) doesn't make an appearance...until the very end when a number of masters come together to say goodbay to Murdo.

Later, Mudo would host a collection of talks with some of his followers in which Jesus would over-shadow his body and give high-level teachings. After each teaching/chapter Murdo would be overshadowed Jesus by an overpower source of light...usually music accompanied Jesus as well. The teachings themselves are fairly abstract and use somewhat difficult christian termonalogy. This is actually fairly typical of most channeled Jesuses...and through Murdo Jesus explains that he does this to bring people to his level instead of the opposite....if I'm explaining that correctly. Terminology aside...the teachings are very good and are close to the Course in Miracles IMO. Each session was recorded and were compiled into the book, "Divine Healing of Mind and Body".